Need help with fulfilling your tax obligations? We assist with expat tax services and tax return preparation and filing for Romania.

Are you struggling with fulfilling your tax obligations in Romania? Is the Romanian fiscal system taking up to much of your precious time and keeping you away from your business and family?

We can help make tax obligations seem easy

Expat-Center is your trusted partner in tax services for Romania, with more than 15 years of experience. Our strong expertise recommends us as trusted partner in integrated expat assistance services.

Our company offers a wide range of tax services for Romania:

Your Benefits:

Our team guides and assists through the mandatory procedures, ensuring full compliance. All with minimal involvement from your side: usually, less than a 1 hour time investment.

Here’s how we will assist:

  • Conduct a free assessment of your particular case
  • Leverage immigration services to understand your fiscal status
  • Put together all mandatory documentation
  • Ongoing management of obligations
  • Update you about status or legislative changes

Our achievements in 2019

In 2019 we have prepared and filed more than 160 annual tax returns for our clients, reporting all possible types of income: rental income, dividends, capital gains, income from intellectual property, income from self-employment activities, cryptocurrency transactions, etc. And have successfully managed to keep our clients happy!

During 2019 we successfully managed to save a total amount of over 1,580,000 LEI of potential costs for our clients. We did this through professional tax services, solid experience in working with tax legislation, and commitment for good results. The saving is approximately slightly higher than 330,000 EUR.

Where does the saving come from? In rendering our tax services for Romania, we ensure we can identify and apply any tax cost saving opportunities, such as: avoiding late filing and payment penalties, avoiding late payment interest accruing for past years, applying the correct and maximum tax deductions that our clients could benefit of, correctly benefiting of the foreign tax credits in line with the international tax treaties in force, etc.

For all of our clients time is a precious resource. And we know that very well, and we help them save it for their life priorities. Throughout 2019, we have rendered tax services that successfully helped our clients in meeting this goal. The result: more than 1,800 hours saved so far, through smart and efficient tax services such as: annual tax return filing, monthly salary tax filing, tax registrations, tax residency assessment procedures, etc. And that is not all: the most important aspect is that we make our clients feel really happy about that!

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

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