Social security services

Social security benefits are a very important aspect of our financial security life, which we cannot neglect. Especially when we are traveling or moving to other countries for long periods.

Organizations of all kinds and sizes are continuously growing their global workforce in today’s economic environment. Hence, they face new challenges with ensuring the right social security benefits for their mobile employees.

How can we help you?

Our company offers a wide range of social security services for Romania. These can be: standalone social security advisory on different types of income, or submission of application files for social coverage certificates (A1 certificates).

Our social security services include:

  • Assistance with A1 certificates, or equivalent social coverage certificates
  • Assistance with signing voluntary social security contracts
  • Social security registration services
  • Assistance with S1 certificates or other types
  • Monthly salary social security compliance for expatriates
  • Consulting services on any type of personal income or benefits

We deliver social security services with quality

Our team of specialists guides and assists our clients through the social security obligation procedures, properly solving each case. During the process of our assistance we take you through the main steps of the reporting procedures, while ensuring to require the least effort from your side.

Mitigation of any potential risks is our main focus, and we accomplish it through following steps:

  • Thorough assessment of your case
  • Understand your (or your employee’s) social security position and assistance needs
  • Collect and draft mandatory documentation for the necessary steps
  • Ongoing management of your case under close guidance of a specialist
  • Constantly provide updates about your case and status.

We render our social security services in close relationship with our tax and immigration services. Thus, we ensure timely compliance from all perspectives and that your overall situation is properly treated.

Need our assistance?

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