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Obtaining your Romanian tax record certificate online – step-by-step guide

Need to obtain a Romanian tax record certificate and you don’t know how or which would be the simplest way? Or if there could be an alternative to spare you from wasting significant time and trips to the local tax office (ANAF)? Well, we are glad to let you know that you can have access to your tax record directly online, without having to spend significant time traveling to any local ANAF office.

In this article we explain as clearly as possible the steps you need to follow to obtain your Romanian tax record certificate online, a document which is very often requested by authorities for various purposes.

If you need to obtain your Romanian tax record certificate, and do not yet have an online account opened in the Virtual Private Space (VPS) with the Romanian tax authorities (ANAF), then the first step you will have to go through is to register a personal online account in VPS, on the ANAF website. So, we will first explain how you can open an account in VPS, with the possibility of validating it online. Specifically, through a video call.

First step: Open an account in the Virtual Private Space (SPV) with ANAF

To open an online account in VPS you will first have to go to the official ANAF website. Here you will have to go to the SPV (Virtual Private Space) section at the top right of the page, where a small window will open and you will have to click on the “Sign up in Virtual Private Space” option.

Then, a new window will open in your browser, which will look similar to the one in the print screen below. Unfortunately, from here the pages will be only in Romanian, but we will guide you through the entire process, explaining each step you need to follow.

Romanian tax record

In this new window you will have to select the “Persoane fizice” option, as shown in the image. Several options will open, from which you will need to select the first one – “Înregistrare utilizatori persoane fizice” – which means “Registration for individual users”.

This will open a new browser window that will look like the image below.

In this window you will have to make sure that the “Persoane Fizice” tab is selected (which means “Individuals”), then you will have to enter the “Înregistrare cu parolă” option, the one circled in the image above. This means “Register with password”.

You will immediately be redirected to a new window looking like the one below, and in which you will have to fill in all the fields with your personal data (full name, your Romanian personal numerical code-CNP, passport data, etc.).

Before filling in your personal data, the first thing you should do is select the type of approval of your VPS account, so that the account can be validated by video call.

Specifically, you will need to go to the “Tipul de aprobare” box and select the “Identificare vizuală on-line (sistem video)” option, as shown in the image above. In English this means “online visual identification (through video system)”.

Attention: in order for your account to be validated in the Virtual Private Space by video conference, you will need to have a video camera attached to your computer or phone available. Also, this option of opening an account in VPS requires the online upload of the copy of your identity document (i.e., passport) by archiving it in a ZIP file (using a program such as WinZip or WinRAR).

After filling in all the fields with your personal data, check the “Da” button to agree to the processing of personal data where it says “Sunt de acord cu prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal conform Regulamentului nr. 2016/679”. Then, upload the copy of your passport, enter the validation code and press the “Continuă” button (which means “Continue”).

For an easier completion of the form, we explain below what each field means:

  • CNP/NIF – this is your Romanian personal identification number, which was allocated to you through your immigration residency permit or certificate (for EU citizens); it is reflected on your immigration document, and it has 13 digits;
  • Prenume – First name
  • Nume – Forename
  • Tip act de identitate – Type of identity document (passport)
  • Data nașterii – Date of birth
  • Număr pașaport – Passport number
  • Tipul de aprobare – Validation type
  • Nume utilizator – User name
  • Parolă – Password
  • Confirmare parolă – Confirm password
  • Adresa de email – Email address
  • Confirmare adresa de email – Confirm email address
  • Nr. telefon mobil – Mobile phone number
  • Întrebare de siguranță – Safety question
  • Încărcați arhiva zip cu actul de identitate – Upload zip archive with your identity document
  • Cod de validare – Validation code
  • Sunt de acord cu termenele și condițiile de utilizare a serviciului – I agree with the terms and conditions for using this service

Upon successful completion of this step, you will automatically receive an email at the address you used for registration. The message will inform you that you have 10 days to book the online appointment in order to visually identify and validate your account in the VPS.

The online schedule may already be busy for several days, especially in the ANAF agencies in Bucharest or other larger counties. Therefore, in order to speed up the process, we recommend that you seek to schedule an appointment in any county where you can find vacancies earlier.

To connect to the video conference, you will be sent an e-mail with a link and instructions for downloading and installing the Zoom program. (If you don’t already know what Zoom is, well, find out that it’s a very popular online video conferencing connection program. More information on how Zoom works and what you can do with it can be found here).

You will also receive in the same e-mail a link to connect to the video call on the date and time of its appointment. After going through the online identification stage, which should not take more than 3 minutes, you will have to receive several e-mails that will confirm the approval and activation of your online account in VPS with ANAF.

At this point, the first step (opening an online account in the Virtual Private Space) is successfully completed. Now you will have to go to the second (and last) step: obtaining your tax record certificate online.

Step two: Obtaining a Romanian tax record certificate online, through VPS

To apply for a tax record certificate, you will first need to log into the Virtual Private Space here, with the username and password you have chosen in the process of registering your VPS account. After logging in, you will be directed to a window that looks similar to the one in the image below.

obținerea cazierului fiscal online

From here the task becomes relatively simple and you only have a few steps to complete. The first will be to select the “Solicitări” option from the main menu, as shown in the image. “Solicitări” means “Applications”.

In the menu that appears on next page you will have to choose “Eliberare documente”, which means “Documents issuance”. You will immediately be redirected to a new page where you will have to choose the type of document you want to request.

Thus, from the “Alegere document” menu you will have to select “Certificat de cazier fiscal”, which means “Tax record certificate”, then select the CNP (personal numerical code) for which you want to request the certificate (in this case the only option will be your CNP), and the purpose for which you want to use the certificate. After selecting the purpose, you will have to press the “Trimite cererea” button.

The good part of the online application is that the request is processed automatically, in just a few minutes. Thus, after a few minutes, you will receive your Romanian tax record certificate in your VPS account.

To view and print the certificate, you’ll need to go to the “Mesaje” section of your account’s main menu. Here you will see displayed the list of all the documents that were issued to you by ANAF. You will be able to open the document in PDF format and print it if necessary.

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