Obtaining your Romanian tax record certificate online – step-by-step guide

Need to obtain a Romanian tax record certificate and you don't know how or which would be the simplest way? Or if there could be an alternative to spare you from wasting significant time and trips to the local tax office (ANAF)? Well, we are glad to let you know that you can have access to your tax record directly online, without having to spend significant time traveling to any local ANAF office.
obtaining Romanian tax record certificate

In this article we explain as clearly as possible the steps you need to follow to obtain your Romanian tax record certificate online, a document which is very often requested by authorities for various purposes.

If you need to obtain your Romanian tax record certificate, and do not yet have an online account opened in the Virtual Private Space (VPS) with the Romanian tax authorities (ANAF), then the first step you will have to go through is to register a personal online account in VPS, on the ANAF website. So, we will first explain how you can open an account in VPS, with the possibility of validating it online. Specifically, through a video call.

First step: Open an account in the Virtual Private Space (SPV) with ANAF

To open an online account in VPS you will first have to go to the official ANAF website. Here you will have to go to the SPV (Virtual Private Space) section at the top right of the page, where a small window will open and you will have to click on the “Sign up in Virtual Private Space” option.

Then, a new window will open in your browser, which will look similar to the one in the print screen below. Unfortunately, from here the pages will be only in Romanian, but we will guide you through the entire process, explaining each step you need to follow.

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