If you own a business in which you operate or intermediate the sale of products via marketplaces, you must know that Romanian authorities have implemented, and are planning to implement new rules regarding this type of activity in the Romanian legislation.

Specifically, at this moment we are talking about 3 important aspects that will impact the sale of products or the provision of services through online platforms, and which are important to keep an eye on during next period, to ensure your company’s compliance with them.

We detail them briefly, below:

1. Implementation of the European Regulation 1,150/2019 provisions

At the beginning of April, the Romanian Government published the Emergency Ordinance (GEO) 23/2021, which implements certain rules provided by the European Regulation 1,150/2019. The provisions of this EU Regulation are already applicable in all EU Member States, so including in Romania, since July 2020. However, there were still some aspects that each Member State had the obligation to implement individually.

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