The number of COVID infections in Bucharest raised to a new record today (Tuesday, 5 October 2021), and it exceeded 10 per thousand inhabitants. This high number and level of infections is registered for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

More exactly the rate of infections reached 10.31 per thousand inhabitants today (Tuesday, 5 October 2021), compared to a level of 9.64, which was reached yesterday, according to the information published on the Romanian Public Health Directorate’s website.

Romanian Secretary of State, Raed Arafat, declared on Monday evening that there is not the case for Bucharest at this moment to go into total quarantine. Restrictive measures are being taken, but these measures exclude, at least for the time being, the quarantine of the entire city, as per the secretary’s declarations.

He refused to refer to a threshold of rate of incidence that could, however, lead to the quarantine of the city.



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