The Easter holidays are some of the most important Romanian holidays, and the customs specific to each region of the country are observed every year by many people. Red painted eggs, Easter bread and lamb steak, along with buying new clothes, general house cleaning, are just some of the habits that Romanians associate with the Easter holidays.

Next, we will present you more about the customs, traditions, but also the superstitions that Romanians observe for this period, which will help you get acquainted and integrate easily in the Romanian local community.

Dyeing the eggs

One of the most well-known and common Easter customs of Romanians is the dyeing or reddening of the eggs. Red eggs are always present on Romanian tables for Easter, being a symbol of rebirth and spring.

Traditionally, eggs are dyed and decorated on Maundy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter day). They are painted in red, the red color being symbol of Jesus blood. But Romanians are rich in imagination, and colors such as yellow, green, orange or turquoise have also appeared on the tables of Romanians. The color red represents fire, with its purifying power, but also the blood of Jesus shed for the salvation of the world.



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