How you can do a weekend trip to Poiana Brașov

Interested to take a trip to Poiana Brașov for the next weekend? Whether you're an adventure enthusiast or someone seeking a tranquil retreat into nature, Poiana Brașov has always something special for you.

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3 Wonder Places to Visit in Transylvania

Looking for wonderful places to visit in Romania during your vacation or short escapes for weekends? Have you ever heard about Transylvania, that mysterious place somewhere in Eastern Europe?

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Best ski slopes in Romania

Looking for best ski slopes in Romania to practice your favorite winter sport? I also do. Winter has finally arrived in Romania, indeed, with low temperatures and snow taking over most of the country, especially in the mountains.

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What to avoid as an expat in Romania, for a smooth accommodation here

If you're an expat in Romania, or planning to move or have just moved to Romania for a period longer than just a few weeks of vacation, then you may want to read this article. I am trying to provide here some helpful tips on what kind of behavior you would rather want to avoid as an expat in Romania, to help yourself with a good move and integration here.

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Best places to visit in Cluj this year

Cluj-Napoca (in Hungarian: Kolozsvár), or Cluj, as it is informally known, is among one of the most visited cities in Romania after Bucharest. The local airport servicing the city provides a great deal of flights from, and to European cities. The trains, as well as the roads, connect it to other major cities in Romania. Cluj-Napoca is continuously growing as well, as it is currently home to over 320,000 residents.

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6 Nature escapes around Bucharest for recharging your batteries

Looking for some wonderful nature escapes around Bucharest that you can experience during weekends? Are you living in Bucharest, and would like to hit a few touristic spots around this city? Then you will want to make the most of your time spent in the Romanian capital by visiting the following wild locations around it.

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The citadel of Brașov – best and must-see sights

Brașov is the favorite holiday destination in Romania for thousands of tourists every year due to the tourist objectives that the city offers.

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