Table of contents:

  1. Definition of an assignment/secondment as per the Romanian employment law
  2. Maximum period for an international assignment of Romanian employee
  3. List of documents that must be prepared for an assignment
  4. Ensuring work conditions and minimum rights in the member state of assignment
  5. The per diem/assignment allowance
  6. Mandatory notification to Romanian Labor Office
  7. Applying for the social coverage A1 certificate

Are you for the first time faced with the requirement to solve the international assignment of Romanian employees abroad? Being a totally new case, are you a bit lost and don’t know how to deal with all the requirements of Romanian employment and taxes? Do you feel helpless, as the information you found on this topic is too little or perhaps unclear?

No worry, being a situation you never met before, it is normal to be so. And even when you think you’ve done everything right, there may still be unresolved issues. So, just make sure you first tick off the most important things on the list, which, if left unresolved, can have serious consequences for the company or the employee.

In this article we will clearly and concisely structure the important steps that one must comply with in the case of an international assignment of Romanian employee. Specifically, we will describe and clarify the list of documents that an employer must prepare for the correct documentation of the assignment. In addition, we will describe the conditions that must be observed, as well as the procedures or notifications required to be fulfilled with the Romanian authorities.

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