Romanian work permits quota applicable for year 2019 was increased by the Romanian government on 30 August 2019. The decision was taken as result of the increased number of work permit requests. The Romanian work permits applications are under a significant increase wave since the authorities decided to loosen the issuance rules last year.

New work permits quota: 30,000

Thus, as of 30 August 2019, the maximum number of work permits allowed to be issued for foreign citizens for year 2019 is 30,000. This is an addition of 10,000 work permits to the previously approved quota. This increase is the largest in the maximum number of work permits that can be approved by the Romanian Immigration Office, compared to previous years. 

The decision comes following continued increasing demand from Romanian employers, who say they are under pressure of the workforce crisis.

The Romanian Immigration Office claims that a number of approximately 16,540 new work permits were already issued this year up to 23 August 2019. However, the number of applications filed by the employers was already around 19,000 for this period. The same Immigration Office estimated a significant increase of approximately 165% in the total number of work permits issued so far during 2019, compared to the same period in 2018.

This is indeed an all-times record, generated by significant new workforce coming from Vietnam, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka in the construction, logistics and HORECA sectors of Romanian economy. Most affected by the workforce crisis are companies in the construction sector; they claim that during this period they find it harder then ever to hire qualified workers from Romania.

Applying for a work permit in Romania is a mandatory procedure for employers that want to hire foreign citizens (citizens who come from outside the EU territory). All EU nationals are exempt from work permit requirements, and are allowed to freely render work activities in Romania.

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