Need assistance with obtaining any type of Romanian residency permit or work permit for your foreign employees? Or need help with applying for travel visas or long-term visas for Romania? Whatever the purpose, find out how our network of experts can help with their immigration services.

Immigration services for Romania you can benefit through us:

Our network of immigration providers can guide and assist you throughout the entire immigration process, thus ensuring proper solutions for each particular case. Their main focus is the mitigation of any potential immigration risks, through attentive care. An expert makes the immigration procedures seem simple, through efficient working tools. An expert keeps you up to date with the necessary actions that you should take, at the right moment.

Benefits of working with us:

  • as leaders in immigration consulting, we have exceptional technical skills which we commit to achieving our clients’ objectives
  • we leverage a wide network of service providers who have the best experience in working with immigration laws
  • potential issues are solved upfront, as we have the necessary expertise and knowledge, which saves significant time and money
  • continuous monitoring of the level of services you get, to ensure highest level of professionalism.

Our achievements within last 12 months

During last 12 months more than 450 residency permits were secured through our immigration partners. This is a huge performance, but the greater achievement is that we have contributed to securing clients with trust, peace of mind, and safety.

They say time is money. And we couldn’t agree more. According to our estimations, immigration providers partnering with us succeeded in saving more than 3,800 hours for clients, by delivering efficient immigration services. Thus, we contributed to delivering efficiency, smart ideas, and valuable solutions.

Within the last 12 months, over 280 complicated cases of visas, work permits, residency permits or Labor Office notification obligations were solved by immigration experts registered in our platform. Their expertise in delivering immigration services for Romania helped clients in avoiding additional costs and potential penalties equaling approximately 624,000 lei. That is approximately 128,300 euros throughout this period so far.

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