One of Romania’s most wonderful, most luxurious, and most popular mountain resort during the winter season is Poiana Brașov. Despite its location – located deep in the Carpathian mountains – it’s in fact within easy reach from the beautiful major city of Brașov and, also, from Bucharest.

The capital city is approximately 2.5 hours of driving from the resort. So, if you are planning a weekend trip to Poiana Brașov, here we are describing which is the best way to get to the resort if you’re departing from Bucharest, how long it would take, which are some of the best places to stay, and activities you can do during your stay there. Hope our below guide to Poiana Brașov will be of best use for you.

First, some things about Poiana Brașov

Poiana Brașov is not only the biggest ski resort in Romania, but also the most modern and popular. Its ski slopes attract a large number of tourists, both local and foreign. Poiana Brașov is a certainly high quality ski resort, with the longest ski slopes in Romania, and continued modernization.

Due to the 12 ski slopes with varying degrees of difficulty, Poiana Brașov is the ideal location to visit during the winter season, with a magnificent scenery. You can find here riding centers, artificial skating rinks, and sport fields as well. Poiana Brașov is also a fun place with a wide range of restaurants, discos and bars to choose from. In 2013 it was the place where took place the Alpine Skiing section of the European Youth Olympics.

How you can get here from Bucharest

Located in Postăvaru Mountains, close to the major city Brașov, the resort can be reached both by train, on the route Bucharest – Ploiești – Brașov, or by car, on a similar route. So, if you live in Bucharest and want to go on a weekend trip to Poiana Brașov, you have the following options:

  • By car – you can rent a car from Bucharest and drive 186 km along the DN1 road; the car trip should take between two and three hours, depending on traffic. If you plan to go during the weekend, we would recommend departing early in the morning, as the traffic can get really crowded. Since many Bucharest residents love to do weekend trips to Bucegi mountains, if you depart after 10:00 a.m., you may end up waiting for hours in traffic. Once you arrive at the hotel, you can park your car and almost everything is within walking distance. However, if you lodge in a hotel which is a bit further, you can take a shuttle bus to reach any ski slope.
  • By train – if driving is not really your passion, then you can take the train from Bucharest to Ploiești, and further to Brașov, which will be your destination. From Brașov up to the resort you can take a bus or even a taxi if you prefer perfect comfort. The train leaves from the main station in Bucharest called Gara de Nord (in translation: North Train Station), which is the main train station in Bucharest. The train trip takes around 2.5 hours and it costs about 15 EUR per person (one-way). Tickets can be bought also online, from the Romanian Railways official website, which is also in English.

Once you arrive in Brașov train station you can take a bus which costs about 1 euro per person, called Poiana Express. If the express bus is not available at the time you arrive, you can take the bus to bring you to Livada Poștei (in Brașov city center) – which is bus number 4 – or you can take a taxi to there.

From Livada Poștei, you need to take bus number 20 to get to Poiana Brașov, which will cost another 1 euro per person. You can’t buy the bus ticket from the driver, so don’t forget to buy your ticket from the ticket kiosk; if you travel during the weekend, you may have to buy in advance, because the kiosks may be closed. Remember to validate your ticket once you’re on the bus.

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Where to stay

The hotels in Poiana Brașov are usually high quality and there are a lot of options to suit any type of requirement, from all-inclusive, big and luxury hotels, to smaller romantic rooms and also lower budgets ones. There are a lot of options available to choose from, some of them closer, but some may be farther from the ski slopes, depending on your budget.

But most of them can be reasonably reached by foot or by shuttle bus, as the resort is not very big. If you don’t find any availability in the resort, you can also find accommodation in Brașov. The city is very close, just 14 km down on the main road.

As Poiana Brașov is the most popular ski resort in Romania, I would recommend you to take your accommodation in advance, so you can also get the lowest price. From all places I have stayed in, here are my best recommendations if you’re looking for a memorable trip to Poiana Brașov:

  • Alpin Resort Hotel
  • Teleferic Grand Hotel
  • Ana Hotels Bradul
  • Rizzo Boutique Hotel
  • Ana Hotels Sport

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Ski slopes you will love

Located at an altitude of 1,020 meters, Poiana Brașov has the longest ski slopes in Romania, which are over 22 km long in total. Artificial snow machines are also available, stunning views and unforgettable after ski parties. Poiana Brașov offers 3,4 kilometers of slopes dedicated to beginners, intermediate skiers can learn new skills on a 11,7 kilometers slope, and also for experts 4.9 kilometer of slopes.

For beginners, best would be Bradul and Slalom slopes, which are just what a beginner would need to learn basic skiing moves and get the taste of it. If you are somewhat experienced in skiing, then you will want to take the teleferic (gondola or cable car) up to Lupului, Drumul Roșu, Subteleferic or Ruia slopes.

So, if you’re planning a ski trip to Poiana Brașov, is a great choice for all winter sports lovers, both professionals and amateurs. The overall beauty of the place, the beautiful slopes, and also the warmth of the Romanians as hosts certainly worth it all. So, are you ready to have an epic weekend trip to Poiana Brașov?

Beautiful view from Postăvaru peak
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