We all feel stress, fatigue, or exhaustion sometimes, all the more as our entrepreneurial responsibilities increase. It is not at all easy to be an entrepreneur and face all the challenges that come with this activity. As an entrepreneur, or even as an employee, you have a lot of tasks to do each and every day. This can be overwhelming sometimes, especially since many people are counting on you.

All of these emotions are normal and natural, but must be kept under control as much as possible, to reduce the risk of damaging your health. You may sometimes not be aware of these more severe states of fatigue, but keep in mind that, annually, a large number of entrepreneurs and employees face chronic fatigue also known as burnout (emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive stress).

The reasons for exhaustion are multiple and differ from person to person (they can be due to overwhelming responsibilities, due to daily workload, or others). To be able to identify how to reduce entrepreneurial fatigue, first important step is to recognize some signs that announce it.

Here are some situations that reflect signs of exhaustion:

  • you feel intense and constant exhaustion

We all feel exhausted at some point, and it is normal as long as there is an identifiable cause. However, sometimes you can feel this feeling permanently and intensely. In addition, insomnia can kick in (these are signs of chronic exhaustion).

  • physical signs felt in your body

It shows under the following forms: headaches, you no longer have the same dynamism, the same physical energy, or no matter how much you sleep, you always feel tired (physically and mentally).

  • increased consumption of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol or tobacco

With the feeling of exhaustion, there comes a desire to consume more and more stimulants, such as coffee, or even junk food, and if you are a smoker you feel the need to smoke more and more often.

  • mood and personality changes

It manifests itself in a rapid, unjustified transition from irritability to sadness or anger. If you are a cheerful person who likes to laugh and suddenly you have mood swings, you get angry out of nowhere. This is an important sign of entrepreneurial burnout.

  • you work 24h/24h

You think it’s normal to work hard to meet everyone’s expectations. If you spend a lot of time at the office, you get home in the evening and keep working, you work even harder on the weekends, there are signs that should alert you.

  • you have great difficulty concentrating, or memory problems
  • you start hating the thought of going to work

If there is a constant fear, which you feel consistently, it can be a sign of developing burnout. Millions of people face such situations. But how can you control these emotions and what can you do to reduce entrepreneurial fatigue and exhaustion?

What can you do to reduce entrepreneurial fatigue and exhaustion

Don’t know what to do to deal with these situations? Here are some important tips from us, that will help you reduce entrepreneurial fatigue. For a start, it’s important to be aware that the exhaustion state is an important issue, which must be treated seriously and carefully. For this, it is important to identify the causes of exhaustion based on the above indications.

  • The best solution would be to take a break for a short vacation; it’s a great opportunity to relax but also to get a new perspective (away from the office you will have a different vision of what creates stress at work).
  • Take care of yourself to effectively combat exhaustion, so you will disconnect from professional life. Even an hour to relax your brain will count and give you more energy.
  • Disconnect from technology. Being always connected to technology, our brain is prevented from really resting. You can start by applying two methods: do not use your smartphone and tablets in bed; limit their use after you have reached a set number of hours (for example, do not use any communication devices after dinner; this will help the brain to rest).
  • Exercise to train your body and keep fit. In addition, sport has the advantage of maintaining the well-being of the body.
  • Find a relaxation technique (it can be yoga, meditation; both are based on breathing methods to relax muscles and relax).
  • Enjoy an active social life. Join a meeting group on a topic you are passionate about (painting group, cooking group), a volunteer group, offer support courses to people who do not have the opportunity to pay.
  • Rest as much as you feel is necessary.
  • Enjoy nature. Ensure you benefit as much as possible of nature’s healing powers by taking daily walks in the woods, in a park, or on the beach.
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others. There is a tendency to be dissatisfied with what we have, and compare ourselves to the success of others. It is important to be aware that everyone is advancing and has their own rhythm in life.
  • Organize your life more efficiently. Focusing on several tasks at the same time consumes a lot of energy. To increase efficiency and limit fatigue, follow an established plan for solving daily tasks.
  • Eat fruits rich in vitamin C, eat spinach (rich in vitamin B9 and magnesium, helps to regain tone), or take ginseng based vitamins (known for its anti-fatigue properties and its ability to give energy).
  • Set aside time for reading. Read to escape but also to learn new things. Reading improves the brain’s cognitive abilities, allowing a disconnect from everyday problems and thus helps combat exhaustion.
  • Consult a specialist to make a correct diagnosis because there may be different causes if exhaustion occurs suddenly, if it persists for a long time, if it is not related to sleep but a known pathology, or if it is associated with lack of appetite, fever, weight loss.

In conclusion, entrepreneurial exhaustion is increasingly common. If the ideas presented by us are not enough and are not helpful, do not hesitate to consult a specialist or follow a therapy. Recognizing it and seeking help is a first step to overcoming or healing it.

Don’t be afraid and don’t be too proud to ask for help! The earlier the signs of exhaustion are detected, the faster you act in taking the necessary measures.

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