When it comes to the obligation to file a tax return in Romania, our tax system makes no exception from those of other countries. Everyone would agree that preparing and filing a tax return is not an easy job in any country.

But this gets a lot more complicated when you are a foreign individual that has just landed in a new jurisdiction. Since you have no information (or very little) about the tax system of your new country, this can grow into your worst nightmare.

Are you an expatriate who has just recently moved to Romania, and is trying to get his mind around filing his tax forms? And you’re not quite sure if you have the obligation to file a tax return in Romania? We created this article just for you, to help you clarify your questions regarding the personal tax obligations you may have while living in Romania.

First, let us clarify that in this article we will address only the annual tax return filing obligation and will resume to explaining tax obligations that apply to types of income other than salary. This is simply because we want to keep the information as concise, and as clear as possible. This will also help you keep a clear understanding regarding your personal tax matters.

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