Are you an expat living in Romania and would like to purchase a car, so you can move around easier? There are specific aspects that are recommended to be thoroughly checked when you buy a car, especially if you would like to buy an used one. This is recommended irrespective of the EU country where you buy it from, or of the car’s model.

In this article we provide some helpful guiding on one of these important aspects that we recommend to verify before buying an used car – i.e., how to check validity of a Romanian car’s periodic technical verification (in Romanian “Inspecția Tehnică Periodică”, or in short “ITP”).

In short, what is a Romanian car’s periodic technical verification, and what are the consequences if it is expired?

The periodic technical verification is a mandatory complex technical check that must be done on a vehicle which is registered with Romanian authorities, and includes: identification of registration documents, verification of brakes, steering, lights, tires, emissions, appearance, etc.

Driving a vehicle on Romanian public roads which does not observe the mandatory safety technical regulations, or which has the validity for the periodic technical verification expired is punishable by a fine of between 315 and 700 lei.

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