Wondering how expat life in Bucharest is? Thinking of moving to Bucharest on your own or with a new job opportunity, and trying to find useful information on living in Bucharest? Here’s a short look on how life in the city of Bucharest is.

Bucharest is Romania’s capital, the largest and most prosperous city in the country. With almost 2 million people living here, Bucharest is considered the country’s cultural, industrial, and financial heart, and it offers plenty of opportunities for expatriates who are looking to change their life and settle here.

Indeed, the city is one of Eastern Europe’s major industrial as well as transport hubs. Those who are choosing to move to Bucharest will enjoy an unparalleled quality living with their families, in a dynamic environment. Let’s have a short look at how expat life in Bucharest is.

Cost of living for expat life in Bucharest

In case the question “how is expat life in Bucharest?” is not new for you and you have been wondering on this topic for a while now, the following information will surely help you make the right decision for you and your family: the cost of living in Bucharest is a lot lower than in most major cities in the other EU countries. It may be outperformed by Sofia (the Bulgarian capital), but still very close.



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