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COVID updates

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  • Romania has reached 6 million people vaccinated with at least one doze of anti COVID vaccine. Specialists say it is far too few to reach a comfortable level of 70% mass immunization until mid of next year.

  • Hello, according to latest news, it seems that the Romanian authorities finally decided to give up the decision to close the schools when the Coronavirus infections exceed the level of 6 per thousand. The Romanian Prime Minister declared today (30 Sept 2021) that the decision on the transition to online classes will be left to the management of…Read More

  • Romanian authorities are preparing some legal norms according to which the businesses to which customers are allowed access only based on the green digital certificate will be drastically fined, if they do not verify the digital certificates thoroughly.

    From the draft law under discussion, it seems the applicable fine will be between 2,000 and…Read More

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