Google Pay’s availability in Romania – how can you use it?

Have you just moved to Romania and wondering on Google Pay's availability in this country and whether you can use it here also? Well, Google has good news in store for you. As of Monday November 16th, Google Pay is available in Romania through many mobile applications of local banks, money transfer agencies, or fintech companies.
Google Pay's availability in Romania

So, starting this week Google Pay can be used in Romania by anyone that uses applications of their local partners, such as: ING Bank, Banca Transilvania, Revolut, Viva Wallet, etc. The full list of current partners is further detailed below.

So, Google says they have collaborated with MasterCard and Visa, as well as other partner financial institutions, to finally make possible Google Pay’s availability in Romania as well.

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Applications via which you can benefit of Google Pay in Romania

More precisely, at this moment the payment application is available in Romania through the mobile applications of the following:

  • Revolut
  • Curve
  • Transferwise
  • ING Bank
  • UniCredit Bank
  • Banca Transilvania
  • Alpha Bank
  • CEC Bank
  • Viva Wallet
  • Orange Money

Google says more other banks will be joining the partnership.

So, following the launch of these partnerships, although Google Pay application is not yet available directly in Romania, customers of the financial institutions listed above will be able to use Google Pay online and in any store that accepts contactless payments through Visa or Mastercard. The technical solution is called “Google Pay as a service“, which allows card issuers to integrate Google Pay into their mobile payment applications.

To add a card to Google Pay you just need to open your regular payment application and access the “Add to Google Pay” section. You may be asked a few security questions, and may have to set a specific password for enablement of Google Pay feature.

Once your card enrollment process is completed, you can pay contactless in any store with your phone, or online on any websites that accept payment via Google Pay. Once the card is saved, it can be managed from your mobile device settings.

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Security is a key element of Google Pay, so there are several levels of payment security. These include “tokenization”, the standard solution for the payment industry, which assumes that transactions are made with a virtual card number (playing the role of the token), specific to each device, being associated with a dynamic security code that changes at each transaction.

This and other features will work alongside the protection solutions offered by card issuers. Also, if you lose your phone, you can use the “Find Phone” feature to lock the device from anywhere, change your password, or even delete your personal data.

Andreea Fieraru

Andreea Fieraru


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