A total number of four Mega Image stores were closed in Bucharest by the Romanian Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) on Wednesday, 3 November 2021.

Four of the largest stores in Bucharest of the Mega Image chain were inspected by authorities to verify the compliance of each store with the provisions in the Romanian sanitary legislation. The stores under scrutiny were: Mega Image in Domenii Square, the store in Ion Mihalache Boulevard, the one in Piața Sudului, and one on Șoseaua Colentina. All these shops were closed on Wednesday due to non-compliance with major sanitary rules.

Here are the main issues from the legislation in force found by the inspectors verifying the Mega Image stores which were closed:

  • presence of beetles in the pastry trade area;
  • presence of mice traps;
  • sale of vegetables, fruits and products with organoleptic changes in appearance, color, consistency, being unfit for human consumption;
  • sale of products with past expiry date;
  • non-compliance with the storage temperature of hot products of minimum 60 C degrees, at the gastro rayon;
  • non-compliance with the temperature indicated by the manufacturers for a series of food products;
  • bread trays had leftovers, and the oven was not properly sanitized;
  • presence of dust and spider webs at the top of the display cases;

Following the verifications and the irregularities discovered, the inspectors also applied significant fines to the stores, in a total amount of 93,000 lei.

At the same time, the ANPC inspectors also organized controls at four Cora stores in Bucharest, as a result of which they discovered a series of important issues.

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