Fishing places in Romania that will amaze you (and make you feel like in heaven)

Are you passionate about fishing? Or do you practice sport fishing? In this case, we can tell you that Romania offers wonderful fishing places where you can also enjoy the incomparable beauty of the landscapes, while you relax on the pond.
fishing places in Romania

Below we present some exciting places in Romania, where you will live unforgettable fishing experiences.

Paltinu Lake in the Doftanei Valley, Prahova county

If you like fishing and want to enjoy a real adventure, Lake Paltinu in the Doftanei Valley, Ialomița, is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes and one of the most spectacular fishing spots in Romania. You can fish during both day and night, to enjoy the charming spectacle created by the moonlight, from the shore, but also from the boat, because there is also the possibility of camping.

You will be able to fish for carp, crucian carp, pikeperch, waders and perch, for a fishing fee of 30 lei.

Lake Fortuna in the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a charming place in terms of its landscapes. Fortuna Lake in the delta is one of the most fantastic fishing places in Romania. You will be able to fish both from the boat and from the shore, at any time of the day. You can fish carp and catfish and you will need professional rods and a fishing chair for a comfortable activity.

Lake Fortuna is part of the Danube Delta Reserve. To enter the delta and enjoy a relaxing fishing, you will have to pay the fishing permit – 30 lei / year, an access fee that costs 5 lei / day, 15 lei / week or 30 lei / month. If you are accompanied by children, pupils, students or pensioners, it is good to know that they have free access.

Access by ship and craft is also permitted on the basis of a permit. The permit fee costs 100 lei / boat / year, respectively 20.00 lei boat / stay. If you go with your own car, you will pay another fee of 10 lei / day.

Colibița Lake in the Călimani Mountains, Bistrița-Năsăud county

If you want to enjoy truly amazing views while fishing, Lake Colibița will definitely be able to delight you. Found in the Călimani Mountains, it is an excellent choice for both fishing and a dream vacation. You will be able to fish for trout, cleanse, crucian carp, lobster, while you will relax and breathe the mountain air. You will have to pay a fishing fee of 15 lei, for 4 fishing rods used.

You can fish for 12 hours, and the fish caught cannot exceed 5 kg. Famous for its beauty, Lake Colibița is the best choice for fishing and vacationing.

Monster Carp Lake pond, in Arad county

Monster Crap Lake is a private sport fishing pond. What makes this place unique is the large carp that can be fished. You will have the chance to get rid of fish over 20-30 kg. Fishing in Monster Carp Lake is a fun experience, as the pond has a large number of carp and predator species.

Only “catch and release” fishing is practiced on Monster Carp Lake. The membership fee is 50 euros / year. The duration of a fishing package is 7 days and 6 nights, and the price of fishing per package for one person, two rods / stand is 500 euros.

The Gruiului Delta pond (30 km from Bucharest)

One of the best fishing places in Romania is the Gruiului Delta, located just 30 km from Bucharest. The pond is famous for carp, crucian, catfish and phytophagous.

On the shores of the pond there are extensive plantations of willows and poplars, which will give you a wonderful view while fishing. You will be able to stay on the pond even at night, with the possibility of camping and parking the car right next to you. For 12 hours of fishing you will pay a fee of 75 lei, while for 24 hours, the fee is 125 lei.

Dyno Lake pond (30 km from Bucharest)

Dyno Lake pond, located in the commune of Frumușani, Călărași, is considered by specialists to be an excellent option for relaxation and fishing. The pond is well stocked with carp, shellfish, flounder, predators.

You should know that the Dyno Lake pond is in catch & release mode and is divided into sectors. The fee for carp fishing in sector C is 70 lei and you can fish from 06:00 to 18:00. Sector A-E is intended for predatory fishing between 06:00 and 18:00 and requires a fee of 100 lei. And for the A-B sector, the fee is 240 lei, here having a series of facilities, including a cottage with two beds, a mattress, a table with 4 chairs, a large umbrella, antiseptic spray.

Make sure you book your fishing season ahead of time so you don’t have any surprises on arrival.

Valea Liliecilor Lake, in Teleorman county

Valea Liliecilor is one of the most popular fishing places in Romania, located in Teleorman County. The pond is in catch & release fishing, but also retention.

You will enjoy peace, fresh air, but also a carp for home. The hotel offers many unique recreational opportunities such as car park, luxury tent, all of which are connected to electricity, drinking water, refrigerator, stovetop, barbecue, dining table. The catch & release fishing fee is 70 lei / 12 hours and 140 lei / 24 hours. Day fishing with catch 4 kg of fish is 120 lei, while night fishing with catch 8 kg of fish is 240 lei.

Milotina 1 pond, from Gurbănești (3 km from Valea Argovei)

Located in Călărași County, Milotina 1 offers excellent fishing opportunities. You will find accommodation in cottages, night lighting, showers, gazebos, pontoons, fishing stands, a children playground, even Wi-Fi. Balta Milotina is one of those fishing places in Romania that boasts the largest catches of carp, catfish, crucian carp, pike, sturgeon, slug, pikeperch and bream.

For fishing at 12 hours you will pay a fee of 80 lei, and for 24 hours, a fee of 130 lei. The surprise of the pond administration is the reward of catches over 15 kg with a 24-hour fishing trip, and those over 20 kg will be rewarded with both a 24-hour fishing trip with cabin included, and with the amount of 150 lei. Remember to notify the pond administration when fishing for a fish weighing more than 10 kg. The administrators want to take professional pictures with the wonderful captures.

Prepare your fishing gear, arm yourself with everything you need and set off. Every fishing place in Romania has something special. Discover them one by one, take advantage of the spectacular landscapes and enjoy the fresh air.

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