Fishing places in Romania that will amaze you (and make you feel like in heaven)

Are you passionate about fishing? Or do you practice sport fishing? In this case, we can tell you that Romania offers wonderful fishing places where you can also enjoy the incomparable beauty of the landscapes, while you relax on the pond.
fishing places in Romania

Below we present some exciting places in Romania, where you will live unforgettable fishing experiences.

Paltinu Lake in the Doftanei Valley, Prahova county

If you like fishing and want to enjoy a real adventure, Lake Paltinu in the Doftanei Valley, Ialomița, is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes and one of the most spectacular fishing spots in Romania. You can fish during both day and night, to enjoy the charming spectacle created by the moonlight, from the shore, but also from the boat, because there is also the possibility of camping.

You will be able to fish for carp, crucian carp, pikeperch, waders and perch, for a fishing fee of 30 lei.

Lake Fortuna in the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a charming place in terms of its landscapes. Fortuna Lake in the delta is one of the most fantastic fishing places in Romania. You will be able to fish both from the boat and from the shore, at any time of the day. You can fish carp and catfish and you will need professional rods and a fishing chair for a comfortable activity.

Iulia Serban

Iulia Serban

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