Need to apply for a residency permit for Romania? Are you a US or Canadian national married to Romanian citizen and looking to get a Romanian residence permit? This is a step-by-step guide developed just for you, by our best immigration specialists.

The purpose of this guide is to explain in detail the steps you need to take for applying for the residency permit. All required documents and steps are explained by our experts, so you can ensure the Romanian residence permit without headaches.

IMPORTANT: please carefully read the instructions below under “Important prerequisites” tab before using this guide, to ensure it applies to your specific case.

  • the US/Canadian applicant must be legally married to the Romanian citizen, meaning that a Romanian marriage certificate must be available for the residency permit application; thus, if the marriage was concluded under a different jurisdiction (e.g. in the USA), a Romanian transcription of the foreign marriage certificate must be obtained prior to the Romanian residency permit application;
  • the applicant must have available a place of accommodation in Romania and must prove the availability through documents – e.g. rental contract, ownership contract, accommodation contract, etc.;
  • the approval of the residency permit for Romania can be refused if the authorities conclude that the application is based on a “formal marriage”; similarly, the application can be refused if the authorities assess the existence of  bigamy or polygamy;
  • the residency permit for family member of Romanian citizen can be approved for a validity period of maximum 5 years.

More guidance: Any US or Canadian national legally married to a Romanian citizen has the right to apply for Romanian family reunification residency. To obtain the residency permit for Romania, the applicant must lodge both online and physical applications with the Romanian Immigration Office, which will have to include a specific set of documents, well prepared in advance. Therefore, before proceeding with the application, the applicant must properly prepare all the required documentation for it.

This is what our guide is able to help you with – i.e. explain all details you need, so you thoroughly prepare for the residency permit application, so that you do not risk rejection of the file by the Romanian immigration authorities.

If you have a different nationality, please do not purchase this guide, as it may not be fully helpful for your case. Please look for a guide that is specifically applicable for your nationality and situation. If you do not find it on our website, please feel free to contact us.


for nationals of: USA, Canada

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