Expat Guides for RomaniaExpat Guides for Romania, for awesome doers!

Our Expat Guides for Romania are customized step-by-step guides providing necessary instructions for fulfilling any immigration, tax , or related procedures in Romania – e.g., visa or residency permits applications, driving license exchange procedures, tax reporting obligations.

All-you-need-to-know, step-by-step guides for correctly doing any types of visa applications for Romania. Short term or long term visas, for any purpose: business, visit, family reunification, etc.

Applicability and benefits

The expat guides for Romania are do-it-yourself guides specifically tailored for helping you deal with immigration, tax, or any related local aspects you need to solve while living in Romania as an expat.

Romania is not an easy country when you have to comply with, or deal with different legal, tax, or any procedures involving significant paperwork and bureaucratic procedures. This is even harder when you are a foreigner, and not accustomed to the local laws and practical habits of solving things. We develop the DIY guides specifically for those interested to benefit of the right guidance from our experts, who share their experience and knowledge in these useful guides.

These are the perfect guides to use by those who do not need our full assistance services, but would rather solve things on their own, or do not want to pay the full assistance fee. Our guides are just the right instructions given by the best professionals in the field, under the form of step-by -step guides.

Before purchasing any of our expat guides for Romania, please make sure you read the important prerequisites under the Description section of each guide. These instructions help you understand if the respective guide is applicable to your specific situation (e.g. nationality, purpose of stay in Romania, type of visa required, type of income derived, etc.) and if the guide is indeed useful to you.

Once you go through the instructions and ensure the guide is applicable to your case, you can add it to your basket (click button “Add to basket”). You will further be directed to the shopping cart page, where you will see the list of products in your basket and the total price. If all ok, you can proceed to checkout (payment page) by clicking on the button “Proceed to checkout”. On the checkout page you will have to fill in a form with the minimum personal information we need for issuing our invoice, and choose the method of payment. At this moment, the payment options are: bank transfer or via PayPal (for those having a PayPal account). Online credit card payment will also be available soon. We’re still working on it, to ensure we provide you the best purchasing experience.

After selecting the payment method, just click the “Place order” button and that’s all. You will automatically receive by email the payment instructions (if payment is done via bank transfer). Immediately as the payment is confirmed in our account, you will receive a link for downloading your guide.

The guide is very easy to use on any device. It is in PDF format, which can be opened on any type of device – laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It provides you with all you need to know for successfully solving your problems.

Benefits you get from using our expat guides for Romania are:

  • expert guidance on easily fulfilling and solving your problems
  • our guides provide you with full instructions, which include the list of all documents required, and describe in detail each step of the entire procedure you need to undertake
  • the guides do not only explain every single step of the process, but also gives you inside information regarding the documentation you need to prepare and the applications required, so that you avoid any potential drawbacks that may occur along the line
  • the guides grant you the best value at the best possible price for such type of services.

Topics Covered

All-you-need-to-know, step-by-step guides for correctly doing any types of visa applications for Romania. Short term or long term visas, for any purpose: business, visit, family reunification, etc.

Step-by-step Romanian residency permit application process, explained in details, and customized for your nationality and purpose of stay in Romania. Secure your legal residency with our guide!

File Romanian tax returns correctly with our detailed DIY guides. Customized guides for each type of tax payer (resident or non-resident). Nothing easier!

Exchange your national driving license to a Romanian one. Follow the instructions and the steps described in the guide for successfully fulfilling the application required.




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