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Expat guides for Romania, for awesome doers!

Our Expat Guides for Romania are customized guides providing necessary advice and instructions on topics such as: immigration, tax , employment, or any related topics in Romania – e.g., visa or residency permits applications, driving license exchange procedures, tax reporting obligations.

The expat guides for Romania are guides specifically tailored for helping you deal with immigration, tax, or any related local aspects you need to solve while living in Romania as an expat.

Romania is not an easy country when you have to comply with, or deal with different legal, tax, or any procedures involving significant paperwork and bureaucratic procedures. This is even harder when you are a foreigner, and not accustomed to the local laws and practical habits of solving things.

We develop the expat guides specifically for those interested to benefit of the right guidance from professional experts in the market, who share their experience and knowledge in these useful guides. Our guides are just the right instructions given by the best professionals in the field, under the form of written guiding.

Before purchasing any of our expat guides for Romania, please make sure you read the important prerequisites under the description section of each guide, where applicable. These instructions help you understand if the respective guide is applicable to your specific situation (e.g. nationality, purpose of stay in Romania, type of visa required, type of income derived, etc.), and if the guide is indeed useful to you.

When getting inspiration from our guides, please keep in mind that they may not take into account all specific situations, special regulations, exemption or deduction rules. Therefore, for any specific situation that you may deal with, please contact a specialized professional consultant.

Benefits you get from using our expat guides for Romania are:

  • useful guidance on various Romanian life matters, helping you deal with and easily solve your problems;
  • many of our guides provide you with full instructions, which include the list of all documents required, and describe in detail each step of the entire procedure you need to undertake;
  • the guides do not only explain every single step of the process, but also gives you inside information regarding the documentation you need to prepare and the applications required, so that you avoid any potential drawbacks that may occur along the line;
  • the guides grant you the best value at the best possible cost for such type of services.

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