More and more European countries have recently started relaxing the pandemic restrictions, as the vaccinations continue across the continent. After the UK reached herd immunity milestone and started to open non-essential goods stores, beauty salons and gyms, other European countries began to relax restrictions.

Thus, Portugal, Switzerland, Lithuania and Finland are among the countries where the number of Covid cases started to decrease due to vaccination campaigns. And now steps are being taken to return to normality.

In Portugal, people lined up in front of shopping malls. After almost three months of quarantine, all stores can be reopened in this country, and students over 15 and students can physically attend classes. Paulo Gomes, manager of a shopping center in Portugal stated: “It is a sign that in terms of health problems, the numbers look good and it is a problem that I think concerns us all. Secondly, we are talking about a recovery of economic activities. The period in which everything was closed caused huge damage. “

Cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theaters are also reopened and weddings and baptisms are allowed, but with a limited number of guests.

A similar announcement was made in Finland, but the Nordic country maintains tougher restrictions in regions with a higher incidence of the virus, where, for example, restaurants will only be open until 7pm and sell alcohol until 5pm.

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For the first time since Christmas, in Switzerland you can go out on the terrace, at the cinema, the competitions in the stadiums can be held with spectators and access to the gyms is allowed.

“At the gym we have all the equipment to do sports. It is much more motivating to leave the house and go straight to the gym. There are a lot of temptations at home, you watch TV, you eat, then you sit on the couch and do nothing. Now it is much better. “, declared a Swiss citizen.

The Swiss authorities have started distributing free rapid tests for COVID, which citizens can do at home.

Starting this week, Lithuanians will also enjoy more freedom as the government is gradually relaxing the pandemic restrictions. They can even go to concerts, but they have to keep their distance, with the same rule that is applicable in shops, where the number of customers is limited.

“We have to respect these security requirements, to control the visitors who enter the store, to ask them to wear masks properly, to keep their distance.”, declared a shop manager in Vilnius.

Good news also comes from Italy, where Lombardy could pass into the yellow zone. Which means the locals will be able to go out on the terraces. Lombardy is where the spread of the Sars-Cov-2 virus began in Italy, one of the most affected European countries in the pandemic. Infections are declining throughout the country, but the situation remains critical as more than 200 patients with Sars-Cov-2 receive intensive care daily.

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