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Use the salary tax calculators below to determine your payable taxes on salary in Romania. Find out your net salary, the social security contributions, and determine the entire salary costs. Our salary tax calculators are useful to both employees and employers, helping in understanding how the salary taxation works in Romania.

salary tax calculators 2019

Net Salary Tax Calculator - 2019

You can use the net salary calculator below to figure out what would be the amount of net salary you will receive under an employment contract. You just need to insert the amount of gross salary you have been contractually offered and the application will automatically calculate the net payable.

salary tax calculators 2019

Gross Salary Tax Calculator - 2019

This calculator determines the gross salary you would have to contractually agree on, starting from a net payable amount.

The calculator is useful both to employers (to determine gross salary to agree contractually) and to employees. You just have to introduce the net salary you have agreed on. Starting from the net salary you introduce, the application will automatically calculate the gross remuneration you have to agree contractually (in the employment contract).


The salary tax calculators on this page are meant to provide you with general salary calculation guidance for Romania. They apply Romanian salary tax calculation rules applicable for year 2019. Nevertheless, they do not take into account all specific regulations and deduction rules (e.g., personal deductions, specific industry exemptions, etc.). Therefore, they should be relied upon only for general information. For any specific cases, please contact a professional advisor.

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