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Our company offers a wide range of immigration services for Romania. Such services are: drafting of special invitations for entry visas, work permit applications, or assistance with obtaining Romanian temporary residency.

our immigration services include assistance with:

Traveling to Romania for business, secondment, family reunion, or for any other purposes? Our assistance is efficient and flexible. We can help with the entire process or just with a specific part of it. 

Residency permit is a mandatory document for every non-EU national that wants to live in Romania for a period, or aggregated periods, exceeding 90 days of stay within an interval of 6 consecutive months. Irrespective of the activity you carry out in Romania (employment, business, teaching, volunteering or other), as non-EU national you must apply for a residency permit.

For employment or for secondment of non-EU nationals.

Non-EU nationals who are family members of Romanians can obtain legal right to live in Romania through a residency card.

EU nationals who stay in Romania for more than 90 days have the obligation to register with the Immigration Office and obtain a registration certificate.

Applicable to international secondments to Romania, irrespective of the secondment period.

As standalone service, or as part of the work permit assistance

Applicable for documents such as: birth certificates, marriage certificates, study diplomas, etc.

quality immigration

We deliver immigration services with quality

Our team of immigration specialists guides and assists clients through the process, thus ensuring proper solutions for each particular case. During our assistance we guide you through the main steps of the immigration procedures, such that the least effort is required from your side. Our main focus is mitigation of any potential immigration risks, through attentive care. We make this happen through calculated steps, such as:

  • Free assessment of your particular case
  • Understanding your special assistance needs
  • Documentation and preparation of the application file
  • Ongoing management of your application under close guidance of an immigration specialist
  • Updates on application status and collect your document once ready
We make the immigration procedures simple through efficient working tools. We keep you up to date with the necessary actions that you should take, at the right moment.

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"I highly recommend the Expat-Center for their professionalism with the assistance in my Romanian residence permit application"
George Bakopanos
Customer care expert, Fitness & Wellness industry

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