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Whether you are national of an European Union member country or of a third country, there are specific immigration obligations that you must fulfill in Romania. These obligations depend also on your particular situation – e.g. secondment with a foreign employer, employee of a Romanian company, independent professional, business owner, etc. No matter your situation, Expat-Center is here for you.

Our company offers a wide range of expatriate tax assistance services for Romania. Such services can be: standalone personal tax advisory on different types of income, or preparation of personal tax returns (i.e. annual tax return, monthly salary tax return). We help clients with fulfilling all tax reporting and payment obligations to Romanian tax office. No matter your needs, Expat-Center is here for you.

Our company offers social security assistance services for Romania, from standalone social security advisory on different types of income, to preparation and submission of application files for social security coverage certificates (A1 certificates or equivalent types for non-EU countries).

Setting up a business in a new country may prove to be a complicated and tricky process. We can do all the work, while you can focus only on the business. Our practical approach and multidisciplinary expertise is what recommends us as trustworthy partner.

"What really turned me over was their ability to provide solutions and make everything work."
Mia Cheng
Network architect

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