residency permit

I want to apply for a residency permit

Need to extend your stay in Romania for more than 3 months? Or want to apply for a permanent residency permit? Find out more

entry visa

I need to apply for a Romanian entry visa

Do you need a visa to travel to Romania for short or long term? Whatever the purpose of travel, find out how we can help.

corporate mobility

I need corporate mobility services

Are you an HR expert looking for mobility services that can correctly address international mobility of your company's workforce? Contact us for more details.

tax services

I need tax assistance services

Apply for our tax assistance and have your Romanian tax returns prepared by the best tax experts. Find out how we can assist.

social security

I need assistance with social security

Obtain A1 social coverage certificates or similar attesting documentation for your company's seconded employees. Reach out for our help.

register company

I want to set up a company in Romania

Setting up a business in a new country may prove to be a complicated and tricky process. We can do all the work, while you can focus on the business.

Step-by-step guides providing necessary instructions for fulfilling your Romanian immigration or tax reporting obligations successfully. Buy your full guide now!

  • easy to follow, detailing all required steps and documents
  • usable in customized form - smartphone, tablet, laptop
  • up to date with latest Romanian legislative requirements
  • best price for greatest value, as rated by our clients
Successfully fulfill your immigration or tax obligations with zero hassle today!

A short immigration guide for Romania, which provides a basic understanding around Romanian immigration procedures.


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