residency permit

I want to apply for a residency permit

Need to extend your stay in Romania for more than 3 months? Or want to apply for a permanent residency permit? We can help you through the entire process. Find out more.

entry visa

I need to apply for a Romanian entry visa

Do you need a visa to travel to Romania for short or long term? Whatever the purpose of your travel, you can benefit of our services and spare yourself of the paperwork headaches. We have the immigration law knowledge and the long-term experience. Find out how we can help.

corporate mobility

I need corporate mobility services

Are you an HR expert looking for mobility services that can correctly address the international mobility aspects of your company's workforce? Contact us for more details.

tax services

I need tax assistance services

Reach out for our tax assistance services, and have your Romanian tax returns prepared by the best tax experts. Our tax services are best rated by expatriates living in Romania. Find out how we can assist.

social security

I need assistance with social security

We can help with obtaining A1 social coverage certificates or similar attesting documentation for your company's seconded employees. Our long-term expertise in tackling procedural aspects and interpreting the specific legislation is what you need. Reach out for our help.

register company

I want to set up a company in Romania

Setting up a business in a new country may prove to be a complicated and tricky process. We have the necessary expertise, so we can do all the work, while you can focus only on your core business.

  • prepared by our experts on immigration, tax, and company formation law
  • easy to follow, detailing all required steps and documents
  • usable on any device - smartphone, tablet, laptop
  • up to date with latest Romanian legislative requirements
  • best price for greatest value, as rated by our clients

The tax services are a strong pillar of our integrated expat mobility solutions, with more than 200 clients we assist every year.

Check out our tools

Immigration guide Romania

Romanian immigration guide 2019

A short and structured immigration guide for Romania, which provides a basic understanding around Romanian immigration procedures.

Romanian salary tax calculators

Use our salary tax calculators to determine your payable taxes on salary in Romania. Calculate your net salary and the entire salary costs.

Tax guide Romania

Romanian tax guide 2019

Our tax guide for Romania presents brief information regarding the main tax rules applicable for year 2019 under the Romanian tax laws.

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