Table of contents:

  1. Main Romanian traffic rules
  2. Romanian road tax
  3. Speed limits in Romania
  4. Exchange of a foreign driving license
  5. Applying for a local driving license
  6. About the driving license exam

If you’re an expat who just settled in Romania, and if you will be driving in this country, then you surely will want to know the basic car driving and traffic rules. For example, did you know that you are not allowed to drive a car on Romanian roads until you have reached the age of 18? Only after you reach the age of 18 you can take the driving license exam. And taking the license exam is not an easy task to do.

Also, a very important aspect you have to know is that, according to the Romanian driving laws, foreigners are allowed to drive in Romania with their national driving license (issued by their home country) only for the first 90 days of living in the country.

If afterwards you still need to drive a car beyond this period of time, you will either have to exchange your national driving permit into a Romanian one, get an international driving license, or apply for a new Romanian driving license, by attending a driving school and taking the driving license exam.

We further explain below the basic rules you have to know about driving in Romania.

Main Romanian traffic rules

The basic traffic rules in Romania are not very different from those in other neighboring European countries. For example, similar to other EU countries, in Romania all vehicles (including bicycles, electric scooters or other types) must always be driven on the right side of the public roads.

Also, another rule that you will find in all other EU countries as well, is that the use of seatbelt is mandatory in all motor vehicles, including coaches and minibuses. Moreover, the use of seatbelt is not mandatory only for those traveling in the front seats. All seatbelts must be used, including those in the backseats, if they are equipped with seatbelts. And it is the driver’s obligation to remind passengers to wear seatbelts.

When it comes to traffic safety, you have to know that the Romanian traffic law is very strict. For example, the traffic police can temporarily suspend your driving license right on the spot if you break any of the following traffic rules:



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