Drivers exceeding speed limit by more than 70 km/h will be drastically penalized

Romanian traffic police is desperately trying to temper drivers who use to run their cars too fast on the Romanian roads. The excess of speed is one of the main causes of car accidents on the Romanian roads, as per their statistics.
drivers exceeding speed limit

As part of their attempts, the authorities have recently published a new Ordinance (Ordinance no. 1/2022) which covers a few important measures on the topic. The new measures will take effect as of 27 February 2022, and will include significant fines of up to 3,000 lei, as well as the suspension of the driving license for periods longer than 3 months.

Exceeding speed limit by more than 70 km/h will be fined with almost 3,000 lei and with suspension of the driving license for four months

Thus, the new amendments to the Romanian Traffic Code, which were published on Friday (28 January 2022) in the Official Gazette, implement a new speed milestone. More exactly, the new milestone is set at 70 km/h over the legal limit. If this limit is exceeded, drivers will risk penalties that are included in the fourth class of sanctions (from 9 to 20 penalty points), and fines between 1,305 and 2,900 lei.

In addition, when exceeding speed limit with over 70 km/h above the speed limit applicable for a certain driving zone, drivers will get their driving license suspended for 120 days. As already mentioned, the new rules will apply from February 27, 2022.

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