The deadline for the annual tax return in Romania, which has been so far 15 March of each next year, has recently been changed by the authorities. Thus, according to the recent tax law amendment, the deadline for submitting the Romanian annual tax return (in Romanian: “declarația unică”) will now be 25 May of the following year. This deadline will apply for all individual taxpayers, including freelancers/self-employed individuals.

The amendment was introduced in the Romanian Tax Code by Law number 196/2020, which was published in the Official Gazette on December 21, 2020, and which brings numerous amendments to the Romanian Tax Code, both in terms of taxation of individuals and in terms of corporate taxation.

Reason behind the change

In recent years, the deadline for the annual tax return was set by the Tax Code for March 15 of each next year. In practice, this deadline has proved to be very difficult for taxpayers in terms of the time required to prepare and submit the form. For this reason, the authorities had to extend the deadline every year. Thus, the recent amendment comes to solve this problem, by returning to the old deadline of May 25.

The same deadline will apply both for the filing of the tax return, as well as for the payment of taxes due by individuals. According to the provisions of Law 196/2020, the amendment will apply starting with the annual tax reporting obligations related to the income realized in 2020. This means that the annual tax form will have to be submitted and the related taxes will have to be paid by May 25 starting with 2021.

The same law provides for the amendment of the reporting deadline for tax form 230, the one through which a percentage of the income tax due by individuals can be redirected to non-profit organizations. Thus, starting next year, this form will also have to be submitted by 25 May.

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