Dacia electric vehicle is going to hit the market

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Dacia electric vehicle

It is official, the Romanian car manufacturer will open the pre-orders for the first Dacia electric vehicle starting March 20, this year. We are talking about the Dacia Spring electric model, the only electric model announced to go into production. Pre-orders can also be placed online as of March 20.

Thus, starting with March 20, Dacia will open the pre-orders for the “Comfort Plus” version of this model, the first car deliveries being scheduled for September 2021.

According to the statements of Dacia representatives, the “Comfort Plus” version of the electric model will be available on the market at a price of 18,100 euros, VAT included. The car will have a range of 230 kilometers on the WLTP cycle and 305 kilometers on the WLTP City cycle (urban testing). The model will be equipped with a 35 KW (45 hp) electric motor, which will be coupled with a 26.8 KWh battery. The battery can be charged both to a normal 220 V socket and to a Wallbox or, at the customer’s option, from a DC terminal.

According to the manufacturer, the Dacia electric vehicle will be equipped as standard with numerous safety mechanisms, including: speed limiter, ABS, ESP, 6 airbags, automatic headlight ignition and automatic emergency brake.

The manufacturer will offer for this model a 3-year or 100,000 km warranty for the vehicle, and an 8-year or 120,000 km warranty for the battery.

Later on, pre-orders will also be opened for the “Comfort” version of this electric model, which will be available at a price of 16,800 euros.

The Dacia Spring electric model will also be available for purchase in Romania through the RABLA PLUS program. Dacia representatives did not specify whether the price of 18,100 euros will be through the RABLA PLUS program or as standard purchase.

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