The COVID digital certificate has become mandatory, starting today, for all EU citizens who want to travel within Europe.

Although the document officially entered into force on 1 July 2021, EU Member States accepted also other types of documents as proof of vaccination or having gone through the disease from travelers into their territory. This was determined at local level by national authorities.

But starting today, August 13, only COVID digital certificates will be recognized as official documents proving the vaccination, the passing through the disease and the negative result of an RT-PCR test. This will apply at the level of all European Union countries border crossing-points.

Travelers will have to comply with quarantine rules, if they don’t have a valid COVID digital certificate

Whoever wants to travel from one EU state to another without the digital certificate will have to quarantine in that state, depending also on the epidemiological conditions applicable there, and will have to comply with quarantine rules imposed in each destination country.

At first glance, it would seem that the introduction of this certificate in the middle of the summer season confuses tourists even more and will create big problems for the authorities in the countries that are already on the yellow, orange or red lists for the wave 4 of the pandemic.

We advise any person wishing to travel within the European Union to apply for the certificate before leaving the country.

In Romania, the document can easily be obtained through an online application, available on the following official website:

Even if the certificate may not be required in all Member States, we advise also people traveling from countries that are still in the “green zone” to ensure they have the digital certificate. This is because some member states, such as Austria, have announced that they intend to request for the digital certificate irrespective of the country travelers are coming from.

Also, German authorities have announced they intend to introduce the certificate as mandatory to access to restaurants, clubs, cafes, theaters or participation in cultural and artistic events, such as concerts, or to participate in sporting events.

You can read additional information on the COVID-19 digital green certificate also in the following article: What is the digital green certificate proposed by the European Commission?

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