Do you own a car in Romania or have just bought a new one? And are not sure what a CASCO car insurance is, and whether you would need one or not for your own vehicle?

Well, you are not the only expat living in Romania asking this question…

First thing you have to know about CASCO insurance is that this type of car insurance is not a mandatory one, as per the Romanian law. The CASCO insurance is an optional one, which means that the owner of a car registered in Romania is not obliged by law to conclude such an insurance agreement for the car. The only case in which a CASCO insurance may become mandatory is when the car is legally owned by a leasing company and not directly by you. But in this case the insurance will always be the obligation of the Romanian leasing company.

Since it’s not mandatory as per the law, the decision to conclude a CASCO car insurance stays with the owner of the vehicle, be it an individual or legal person.



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