Carrefour opens its first 100% self checkout store in Romania, with 16 checkout machines, where customers will be able to self-scan and pay for their products. The hypermarket is located in Sfântu Gheorghe, inside the new Sepsi Value Center shopping center.

The French retail chain marks a premiere in its own hypermarket network through a complete self checkout system. It also brought to Sfântu Gheorghe its loyalty program Act For Good, which is available in the Carrefour application.

Carrefour continues to modernize its hypermarkets, using the advantages of technology to make the shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Carrefour Sfântu Gheorghe marks a novelty from a technological point of view, through the 16 self checkout machines, customers having the possibility to pay for their products themselves, thus making the shopping session more efficient, and considerably reducing waiting times.

This exclusive self checkout system is simple and intuitive for anyone, allowing both cash and card payments, and customers have assistance at all times, as Carrefour employees are there for them when they need help.

In addition, with the Scan & Pay option in the Carrefour app, customers can scan and pay for products as they add them to the shopping cart, so the experience becomes quick and easy.

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