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Brexit impact on British citizens in Romania – facts you need to know

In this article we explain what the Brexit impact on British citizens living in Romania will be, and the necessary actions required from Brits that still want to live in Romania as of 1 January 2021.

It is clear for everyone at this moment that Brexit will bring important changes in commercial and financial relations between Romanian and British companies. But it will also significantly affect the immigration and social security rights for British citizens living in Romania, as well as for Romanians living in the UK.

Let’s see how this will work in practice, on the basis of what we know so far from the authorities:

Immigration impact on British citizens living in Romania

As per the Romanian applicable laws, by the end of 2020 British citizens living in Romania will benefit from the same immigration and social security treatment they benefited as members of the European Union. After the end of 2020, British citizens who reside in Romania and who wish to live here going forward must comply with certain immigration procedures.

More precisely, they will have to apply for obtaining a new residence status – i.e., as beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement.

The deadline for obtaining this new status is 31st of December 2021, and applications must be submitted by all British nationals having legal residency in Romania (i.e., having valid registration certificates issued by the Romanian Immigration Office). The application for the new type of residence must be submitted personally to the local territorial Immigration Office, by each individual qualifying for it.

Following the application, each British citizen will be issued a new residence permit. The new residence permit will reflect each individual’s new status as “beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement”. Acquiring the new resident status will allow British citizens to continue to enjoy their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement.

As important note, at this moment there is no law that provides clear details on the applicable procedure that British nationals should follow with the Romanian Immigration Office (e.g. conditions for the application, list of documents for the application file, deadline for having the residence permit issued, etc.). Most likely, more information and clarifications on the procedure will be published by Romanian authorities in the next period.

Social security aspects

With regard to the rules applicable for social security benefits (such as pensions), so far we understand that the purpose of the Withdrawal Agreement is to provide assurances that all persons benefiting so far from social rights under the EU Regulation will keep their social benefits. Thus, British citizens who have contributed so far to the Romanian social security system will benefit from their contributions as per the provisions of the CE Regulation no. 883/2004 regarding the coordination of social security systems within the EU.

This means that, at least for the period until 31 December 2020, there will be no changes for persons covered by the provisions of the aforementioned Regulation. Thus, British people will be able to retain their right to healthcare, pensions and other social security benefits; also, if they are entitled to pension payments from Romania, they can continue to receive it even if they live in another country.

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