Best ski slopes in Romania

Looking for best ski slopes in Romania to practice your favorite winter sport? I also do. Winter has finally arrived in Romania, indeed, with low temperatures and snow taking over most of the country, especially in the mountains.
Best ski slopes in Romania

You know what this means? This means that the conditions in Romania are now perfect for snowboarding and skiing.

In winter, Carpathian mountains offer many of beginner, intermediate and expert ski slopes in Romania, in several resorts. In 2013, Romania was the host of the European Youth Olympic Games, so if you are to judge from this fact, then you have the proof that there are absolutely some perfect destinations for those who want to ski in this country.

So, if you’re planning to try the ski slopes in Romania, check out my list of the best ski resorts in the country and make the Carpathians your winter playground! Here they are:

Best ski slopes in Romania:

1. Poiana Brașov

To start with, Poiana Brașov is not only the biggest ski resort in Romania, but also the most modern and popular one. This is one of my favorites, which I can easily reach from Bucharest. Its ski slopes attract a large number of tourists, both local and foreign. Poiana Brașov is certainly a high quality ski resort, with the longest ski slopes in Romania, and continued modernization. In 2013 it was the place where took place the Alpine Skiing section of the European Youth Olympics.

Located in Postăvaru Mountains, close to beautiful city of Brașov, Poiana Brașov can be reached both by train and by car (approximately 2.5 hour drive from Bucharest, with delays during weekends, when road is crowded). What I like best is that I can easily find accommodation in Poiana Brașov. There are a lot of options available and also in Brașov, due to the fact that the resort is so close to the city, just 14 km between them.

Poiana Brașov is located at an altitude of 1,020 meters, with the longest ski slopes in Romania (more than 22 km of ski slopes), artificial snow available, stunning views and unforgettable parties. Poiana Brașov offers 3,4 kilometers of slopes dedicated to beginners, intermediate skiers can learn new skills on a 11,7 kilometers slope, and also for experts 4.9 kilometer of slopes.

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So, Poiana Brașov is a great choice for all winter sports lovers, both professionals and amateurs. The overall beauty of the place, the beautiful slopes and also the warmth of the Romanians as hosts certainly worth it all.

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2. Sinaia

Known for the spectacular Peleș Castle, with total ski slopes of almost 20 km, Sinaia has it all. It is also one of the most popular ski resorts in Romania, being very close to Bucharest. So, all ski fans in Bucharest use it as the closest ski resort during the weekends. Sinaia has 16 ski slopes of all levels of difficulty, suitable both for advanced skiers and snowboarders and beginners.

Located in Prahova Valley, at distance from Bucharest of only 139 km, makes it easy to reach there in no more than 1.5 hours. During weekends, when the driveway is pretty crowded, I recommend you do this distance by train, which helps you get there faster and less stressed-out.

There are 3 ski schools in Sinaia, 3 Gondolas and also 4 ski lifts. The Gondolas operate on two routes: Gondola Sinaia that is between 1000 -1400 meters, and Gondola Carp – between 1400 – 2000 meters. Going up and down with gondola costs almost 12 euros for adults and 8 euros for children.  The prices for a day pass to skiing is around 30 euros per day for adults and 22 euros for children.

Sinaia received in 2017 the title of Romania’s Best Ski Resort, during World Ski Awards.

And in addition to skiing, you can also visit some of the most spectacular mountain sites in this are of the country, such as The Sphinx, or the Castle of Peleș.

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3. Predeal

Located only 24 km from Sinaia and at about 150 km from Bucharest, Predal has also two of the finests ski slopes in Romania, especially for those living in or around the capital city. Usually is more crowded than the other places, so you have to keep an eye on traffic news if you are planning a weekend gateway to Predeal or during the holidays. Taking the train might be a good idea.

In Predeal we’re talking about 6 slopes, totaling 8.5 kilometres (5.3 miles) of varying difficulty levels, that provide enough space for the thousands of sky lovers flocking the areas. Clabucet is one of the most famous slope in the country, it’s an intermediate 2 kilometre (1.2 mile) long piste. The other one I like, similar in difficulty and length to Clabucet, is Cocoșul.

So, Predeal is popular for all the right reasons: it offers great slopes for skiing, is beautiful and cheaper than Poiana Brașov.

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4. Azuga

Azuga is a good choice for winter sports fans, both of them beginners and advanced. The access to the ski area is very easy. Located in Prahova Valley, the traffic to this resort is similar to Sinaia or Predeal: it gets pretty crowded in weekends.

Its most famous ski slopes, Sorica and Cazacu, are making Azuga a great option for a relaxing and charming day on the mountains. Both slopes are around 2 kilometers long and are usually less crowded than those in Predeal. So, it could be a good choice for those of you who hate queuing at the ski lifts or gondola.

The resort is equipped with modern facilities, including a high-speed cable car and ski lifts that ensure easy access to its slopes. The main ski areas in Azuga are Sorica and Cazacu, both offering a mix of difficulty levels for their runs. Sorica is the longest ski run in Romania, providing an excellent challenge for intermediate and advanced skiers, while Cazacu offers slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers.

In addition to skiing, Azuga also offers opportunities for snowboarding, sledding, and even snow tubing, making it a versatile winter sports center.

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5. Straja

Straja is a picturesque ski resort located in Hunedoara County, in the southwestern part of Romania, near the town of Lupeni. Nestled in the heart of the Vâlcan Mountains, part of the Southern Carpathians, Straja is a beloved destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

The resort is known for its reliable snow cover throughout the winter season, thanks to its favorable geographical position and the use of snow cannons, sometimes ensuring good skiing conditions from late November to early April.

Straja boasts 12 ski slopes of varying difficulty, catering to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. The slopes are well-maintained and equipped with modern lift systems, including chairlifts and ski lifts, which help reduce waiting times and improve the overall skiing experience. It’s ski and snowboard slopes are one of the best in our country, totaling almost 13 kilometers, at an altitude of 1,450 m.

Here’s a closer look at some of the key slopes:

  • Lupului: One of the most challenging slopes, suitable for advanced skiers. It has a steep incline and offers thrilling descents.
  • Constantinescu: A medium-difficulty slope that’s ideal for intermediate skiers. It provides a good balance of challenge and enjoyment.
  • Sf. Gheorghe: This is a gentler slope, perfect for beginners and those looking to build their confidence on the snow.
  • Platoșul Straja: Offers a mix of difficulty levels and is excellent for families and groups with varying skiing abilities.

Most of its 12 slopes are lit at night, so it’s a perfect destination for skiing after sunset. Ski lovers can get there by car of by train, to Lupeni train station.

Straja is much further from Bucharest than the resorts above. So, I wouldn’t recommend it as a weekend destination. It can take up to 7 hours to get to Straja by car, as there is no decent highway all the way up to the resort. But I can assure you the travel time is worth the fun you’ll have on the slopes.

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6. Șuior

This resort is located in Maramureș and is a great occasion to discover the charming traditions, food and hospitality of people from this part of Romania. Șuior has 12 ski slopes that are perfect for beginners and intermediate ski fans, and the most popular of them is Mogosa.  Bucharest is located 573 km from the ski resort, but there are good road links from the major centers in the country.

A one day ski pass will cost almost 35 euros for adults and 20 euros for children, and there are only 2 ski lifts, which cost 3 euros for adults and 1 euro for children. But a free meal is included in the price of the ski pass at the resort restaurant.  After a hard day’s skiing this is a real bonus. You can also find facilities to hire ski equipment and ski instructors.

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With more than 30 ski resorts to choose from in Romania, anyone passionate about skiing has so various choices that it may be difficult to find your favorite location the first time round. So, I hope my list of ski slopes in Romania will help you do it!

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