The annual tax return deadline in 2019 was extended by Romanian authorities, similar as last year. If initially the deadline for the 2019 annual tax return was set for March 15, given the different issues with the online submission of the tax form (starting this year, the form can be submitted online only), the government decided to extend it.

Thus, based on a Government Ordinance published on March 14, the reporting deadline in 2019 was set for July 31, 2019. Until the same date was also extended the deadline for submitting form 230, which is used to redirect 2% of the income tax to nonprofit organizations. Thus, individual taxpayers will have enough time to prepare and submit the annual tax form this year.

Who must comply with the annual tax return deadline in 2019?

The obligation to file an annual tax return rests with all individuals who, in the previous fiscal year, generated taxable income from Romania or from abroad, other than salaries. The revenue categories that must be declared in the tax form are:

  • income from freelancing (self-employment) activities
  • income from rent
  • income from intellectual property rights
  • income from investments
  • income from other sources

Based on the Romanian Tax Code, the annual tax form must also be filed by individuals who do not derive any kind of income, but who wish to be insured in the public Romanian health system by paying the health fund contribution.

At the same time, the government has announced that payment of the due taxes by July 31 will be rewarded with a 5% discount on the total amount of taxes owed.

By this extension, we consider that the annual tax return deadline in 2019 becomes, from a very tight one, a very reasonable one, with taxpayers having more than 4 months in addition to put their personal finances in order for tax year 2018.

As an important reminder, starting this year, the tax return can be submitted only electronically, through the Virtual Private Space on the ANAF site, or through the online portal, by digitally signing the tax form.

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