Table of Contents

  1. Who can benefit of medical care
  2. Healthcare services in Romania
  3. Healthcare for asylum seekers
  4. Foreign citizens with Romanian residence permit
  5. European Health Insurance Card
  6. How to choose a family physician in Romania

The Romanian healthcare system is a universal access based healthcare model. This means that every individual living in Romania has access to the public healthcare services, on the condition that he pays a minimum health insurance contribution to the health state fund (on mandatory or voluntary basis).

Mandatory health insurance contribution is due by individuals who derive certain types of taxable income subject to the health insurance contribution in accordance with the tax law – e.g., salary income, income from independent activities, rental income, dividends, capital gains, etc.

Thus, for most of the Romanian residents, healthcare in Romania is provided as a contribution base benefit, while some categories (like students for example) can benefit of medical care for free.

Any foreign citizen living in Romania is entitled to benefit from medical care in all public hospitals or clinics under the same conditions just like any other Romanian citizen. If you decide to relocate to Romania and don’t (yet) derive income that is subject to the health insurance contribution, then you must apply for voluntary health insurance, so you can receive comprehensive medical services.

For the steps you need to fulfill to pay Romanian health insurance on a voluntary basis, you can check our article: How to get Romanian health insurance if you’re not paying it mandatorily.

We describe below practical aspects you need to know about the Romanian healthcare system.



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