9 essential elements of a high-performant website

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high-performant website

Are you planning to develop a high-performant website to help you promote your business and you don’t know where to start?

Whether it’s about website content or social media posting, creating quality content is not an easy task, isn’t it? It is all the more complex for a website whose purpose is to generate traffic and increase the notoriety of a business. This requires thorough training and marketing strategies suitable for the business and its target audience.

Do you want to promote products or services of your business? What should the essential information that must appear on your website be? How do you convince visitors that they can trust your services? How do you implement an online marketing long-term strategy?

We are briefly answering these questions and many more in the following. To begin with, it is necessary to define first some milestones you want to accomplish (for example: increase market awareness, increase number of customers with a certain percentage, or number of sales, etc.).

And in order to fulfill your milestones, it is necessary to have a functional and easy to access website, observing certain marketing rules. Here are some ideas for strategies that can help you design a successful website.

1. The website must satisfy the user intention and have clear purposes

Do you know your audience? Why should someone come to your website? Do you know your business very well? It is important to clarify all these aspects, so you can set a clear mission and goals for your website.

Your story must be compelling to the audience you are addressing. It must align with what people want and need. Discover all the ways people can reach your website. Plan the user’s journey from A to Z, and place the content in strategic places on your website.

For example, you can start from building 2 or 3 landing pages where visitors can find useful information regarding your products, and further redirect them to your product listings where they can find more details, and an irresistible offer.

2. The website must have the right technical components

First of all, a high-performant website must be easy to access and load very quickly from anywhere in the world. So, make sure you do your best so the pages of your site are loading as fast as possible, because the users’ patience is limited.

Technical SEO is very important. If you have a generous budget for site development, choose to work with an agency that also has a thorough knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is important because you will have a structure and content of the site from the beginning that will help you reach your target audience faster.

If you do not want to develop a site from scratch with a specialized agency, you should know that there are many online platforms that have developed the necessary infrastructure, ready-made, on which you can easily build your website. As an example, WordPress, one of the most well-known such platform, offers their clients everything they need to create any type of website themselves, including website hosting packages. In addition, their infrastructure is quite well developed taking into account most up to date SEO principles.

3. Ensure your website provides trust and security to your visitors

There are a lot of small suggestions that can indicate negligence to users about a website: for example, pages load very slowly, the lack of a SSL certificate (which for some users indicates that you do not take security seriously), the lack of a search option in the site, etc.

So, you should consider using up-to-date software, creating strong passwords, using tools like Cloudflare to protect your site from DDoS attacks, installing a SSL certificate, etc.

4. Does your website have an attractive and friendly for use design?

Website design should help you achieve your goals. Your message should be clear and the design well thought out. But, more importantly, the site should be easy for everyone to use.

Many online visitors can quickly leave a website if the design is not attractive and friendly. Pictures and videos are sometimes more compelling than long text and highlight textual content, bringing more credibility. With the help of videos you can: present a product, present the team or organized events, or you can use the opinions of customers.

5. A high-performant website has SEO-optimized content

What exactly is SEO? In short, it is a process of continuously optimizing the content of a site (text, pictures, internal and external links, etc.) that helps that site to be found by Internet users when searching in search engines (such as Google, Bing or Yahoo) for a specific product or service.

For example, in order to become as visible as possible on search engines, your website should contain text and keywords related to what your business offers. And this content allows search engines to index your site in users searches on Google or other search engines.

6. The website’s content must be developed around its visitors’ experience

The content you put on your website should be developed around its visitors. Therefore, try to understand their behavior and focus the content on this aspect.

The content must be clear and easy to understand. Information such as services / products, blog, about us, contact, legal notices must be easy to access (in no more than 3 clicks).

7. Ensure compatibility with mobile devices (or rather design the site for mobile first)

Mobile traffic is constantly growing every year and has exceeded 50% of total internet traffic. That is why it is important for your site to be primarily compatible with mobile devices and to work on SEO development that takes mobile users into account.

8. A high-performant website must ensure accessibility for users

This requires attention to the following details:

  • the site loads quickly
  • the right text-background contrast (readable quickly and easily)
  • font size (handwriting should not be too small, but not too large)
  • homepage can be scanned in 5 seconds (if the page is too loaded and complicated the visitor will get annoyed and leave)
  • the search box should be visible / easy to access (the button should be obvious; usually placed in the upper right corner of the page)
  • place the important content above the base of the screen
  • to attract attention use the bold text (if the whole text is written in bold it is not known which part is more important)
  • if you choose to place ads, they must be nicely integrated on the page

9. Present customer opinions and testimonials

This is important because most people consul others opinions before making a final decision to buy. By displaying authentic customer reviews, visitors will easily trust you.

These are some of the important elements of that you can use while developing your successful website.

In conclusion, the basis of a high-performant website are various digital marketing tools. And to be effective, the website must be unique, and stand out from the competition by offering rich content and indispensable products or services.

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