6 wonderful terraces in Bucharest where you can escape this summer

Looking for suggestions for wonderful terraces in Bucharest where you can relax this summer? It's summer again, and the heat has finally made its presence felt. And now all you want is to take refuge in a cool and pleasant place right in the heart of the city, if time doesn't allow you to travel other places.
wonderful terraces in Bucharest

On sunny days, the wonderful terraces of Bucharest are among the most frequented places in the crowded city. What are some of the must-see locations this summer? Where to go for quiet moments? Where can you admire the city from high above?

Whether you want to go out with friends, or to arrange your work schedule outside the office to increase creativity, we have thought of some suggestions for quiet, cool, spacious, and pet friendly terraces with delicious dishes.

The list includes wonderful terraces in Bucharest, from different areas, teahouses, gardens, rooftops. We will include details about the address, program, if they accept pets but also the opinions of customers who have been there.

Here is the list of cafes, restaurants with wonderful terraces in Bucharest, the order being completely random:

Grădina Verona / Café Verona

  • Address: Pictor Arthur Verona 13-15, behind the Cărtureşti bookstore
  • Pet friendly: yes
  • Schedule: daily, between 10-22

The café space is an annex of the Cărtureşti bookstore. It is a green and quiet refuge in the middle of the city, 12 years old, suitable for book launches, conferences, exhibitions, cultural events.

The menu is diverse with tasty options, even for vegetarians.

Visitors’ opinions:

“One of the most emblematic places in the city of Bucharest. If you love lemonade and books, don’t miss it. ” Tatiana M.

„Cosy place, nice people, goood cocktails.” Sorina D.

Infinitea, an oasis of peace in Cotroceni area

  • Address: str. Dr. Grigore Romniceanu 7 (sector 5)
  • Pet friendly: yes
  • Schedule: Mon – Fri 12:00 – 22:00; Sat, Sun 11:00 – 22:00

A green garden with elegant wrought iron tables, in classic decor with baroque accents. You can notice the love for beauty right after entering the place, and the attention to detail surprises you everywhere, from fresh flowers, to the decoration, to the porcelain in which the tea is served.

The menu is especially plentiful in teas, so we recommend it with confidence for tea lovers. Delicious food is also served, and the attraction of the place in terms of food are the homemade desserts.

Music lovers will definitely be captivated by this place, because jazz concerts are organized in the light of lanterns.

Infinitea also offers deliveries in Bucharest for orders placed a day before.

Visitors’ opinions:

„Nice and cozy place, good tea, good vibe.” Geanina A.

„Most beautiful (tea) place in town.ˮ  Bianca G.

„Their cheesecake is so delicious!ˮ  Beatrice I.

NOMAD Skybar (or how to admire the city from above)

  • Address: Strada Smârdan 30, Old City, Bucharest
  • Pet friendly: no
  • Schedule: Mon – Fri 16:00 – 00:00; Sat, Sun 12:00 – 00:00
  • Access only for 21+

It is located in the attic of a historic building in the Old Center of Bucharest.

The ceiling is made of glass with a retractable roof, which gives it a spacious and friendly atmosphere. The location is a perfect mix between terrace, restaurant, bar and club. In addition, they play very good music, and you can dance in a pleasant atmosphere.

We recommend this place for living a moment of relaxation and enjoying a view over the Bucharest’s historic center.

Visitors’ opinions:

„Very nice atmosphere, friendly staff and only good vibes. great food and drinks and always a go-to place for going out with friends!ˮ  Naomi D.

„Very nice atmosphere, perfect to relax and enjoy, to drink  and eat something.ˮ Georgiana L.

Diplomat Restaurant’s terrace

  • Address: București- Ploiești Road, no. 2B
  • Pet friendly: no
  • Program: Mon – Sat 12:00 – 23:45; Sun 12:00 – 22:00

An elegant place in the northern part of the city, which has been operating since 1922, thanks to two avant-garde representatives, Colonel St. E. Greble Junior and Alexandru Marghiloman, who together with 143 other members (including Barbu Catargiu, C. Argetoianu, Prince Barbu Ştirbey, Basarab Brâncoveanu, etc.) founded Country Club Băneasa. They laid the foundations of the largest country club in Romania at that time.

The central villa was built by the appreciated architect Ion Mincu. Along with the swimming pool, tennis, golf and polo fields, the place attracted the social elite from all over Europe at that time. Then, the Club hosted the Diplomat Restaurant where the people of Bucharest served lunch and admired the view of Herăstrău Park. The park was also arranged by the founding members of the club.

Loaded with history and tradition, after almost 100 years, the atmosphere of the place is still preserved, but also with modern accents.

The restaurant’s menu includes classic recipes from around the world, reinterpreted in a contemporary way. We recommend you to try the delicious wine, because the restaurant has its own wine cellar consisting of 800 varieties from around the world.

Visitors’ opinions:

„Business lunch with colleagues at Diplomat Restaurant. Intimate atmosphere and exceptional food.ˮ Alex P.

Grădina Băneasa Parc – the greenest garden in Bucharest
  • Address: Str. General Ștefan Holban
  • Schedule: Mon, Tue: closed; Wed – Sun 12:00 – 23:00

Located in the north of the city, in an intimate and soothing setting, Băneasa Garden is a spacious and secluded green terrace. The culinary offer is varied, with options for vegetarians and if you want to cool down, you can choose from a variety of delicious cocktails and other cold drinks.

The restaurant has a very spacious, wonderful, cool and welcoming terrace.

Visitors’ opinions:

“Good morning! I found the perfect place to get rid of the heat and spend a few hours in a green garden where you feel like you are on a holiday in the mountains, right in Bucharest.ˮ, Paula Seling

“Very good food, relaxing atmosphere in nature, lots of greenery, baby/child friendly.” Andra P.

Cherhanaua Ancora
  • Address: to get to Cherhana, you should enter the park from Șos. Nordului 7-9, and walk off until you reach the Crossings Pier
  • Schedule: from Mon to Sun: 12:00 – 24:00

Located on the shore of Herăstrău Lake, with a shaded terrace surrounded by greenery, the terrace at Cherhanua Ancora is beautiful place where you can escape in hot summer weekends. As you would expect from the name, this place is recommended especially to those who want to enjoy some excellent fish dishes, like on the seaside, only without leaving Bucharest.

It’s a perfect place for summer afternoons and evenings, spent on the open terrace, in good company! In the menu you can find from pike roe or fish sausage, to fish soups, anchovies and mussels, and even Black Sea or freshwater fish, prepared in the same way, authentic Romanian delicacies. Here you can also order Mediterranean, typical Greek dishes.

We hope that our list of terraces will help you in choosing the right one for this summer. Of course, many other wonderful terraces in Bucharest can be added to this list.

Source of reviews: Facebook (from 2020-2021).

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