5 private schools in Bucharest where your children could study

Have you just moved to Bucharest with your whole family? Or planning for a move pretty soon? Need to enroll your children for studies, but don't know which are the best private schools in Bucharest? In this article we present you 5 private schools in Bucharest that may be of inspiration to you.
private schools in Bucharest

We describe below the basic information you need about them to just make the right choice for your kids. We have chosen to describe options of different types of schools, with various educational offers (different types of learning curricula – e.g., Romanian or international), so you have a large base of information for your final decision.

This will allow you to assess a wider range of Romanian or international schools, and help you choose the one that will suit your children’s needs.

Spectrum Elementary School

Bucharest Spectrum Elementary School is one of many good private schools in Bucharest. It is a school with a Romanian profile, which follows on the Romanian national curriculum, applying at the same time the official European education norms.

Spectrum school consists of kindergarten classes (entry, average and advanced classes), school preparatory class, as well as primary classes ( from 1st grade to 4th grade). To enroll in the school, a pre-registration application should be submitted, anytime throughout the school year.

Tuition fees start from 6,600 EUR/year only for the basic school curriculum, and can reach up to 8,950 EUR/year for the full schooling program, after school and the English language club.

Admission to kindergarten or school is done based on a psycho-pedagogical test/interview, and the admission criteria are as follows:

  1. For the kindergarten entry class – the minimum age is 3 years (basic admission criteria is that the kids do not wear diapers, and can communicate their needs);
  2. For the average class – the minimum age is 4 years;
  3. For the advanced class – the minimum age is 5 years;
  4. For the preparatory school class – the minimum age is 6 years.

Benefits of enrolling in Spectrum Elementary School:

  • Children are constantly monitored. There is both a security company and video surveillance cameras;
  • The maximum number of students in each class is 20;
  • Starting with the preparatory class, the little ones benefit from 5 hours of English each week;
  • The school frequently organizes trips, volunteer activities, visits to museums, theaters, botanical training, Mind Development Game Club, Cambridge Club, Sports Dance, Lego Club, etc.;
  • Parents have a virtual catalog through which they will be informed about the children’s school situation.

Location: the school has two locations in Bucharest: one is located on 9 Balta Albina Street, in Sector 3, while the other is on Șoseaua Colentina nr. 64B, in Sector 2 of Bucharest.

“Școala Mea” Theoretical High School

“Școala Mea” Theoretical High School is part of that category of private education experts in Bucharest which offer educational services from kindergarten and primary school, to middle school and up to high school inclusively. It offers a rich and balanced program and offers courses taught in Romanian, as well as a course in English.

Tuition fees vary depending on the type of program that the parents choose for their kids (short until noon, mid-term, long, etc.), and the age of the child:

  • for kindergarten the tuition fee ranges from 4,500 EUR/year to 6,600 EUR/year,
  • for the primary and secondary school is around 8,000 EUR/year,
  • and for high school, 7,000 EUR/year for your kids to attend the national curriculum, and 8,000EUR/year for the international one.

In addition to the tuition fees, you will be charged admin fees for educational materials and programs, as well as a fee for meal services if you want your child to serve meals provided by the school.

The benefits of enrolling in “Școala Mea” Theoretical High School:

  • your child will attend 8 hours of English per week, adapted from the British curriculum;
  • kids can do their homework at school, under the close guidance of teachers, if they are attending the after school program;
  • The school organizes performance programs for students passionate about mathematics, physics, and Romanian language.

Location: the high-school is located on Str. Zeletin no. 10, in Sector 1 of Bucharest.

Mark Twain International School

Mark Twain International School was established in 1995 and aims to provide international education for all children of 2 years of age or older. The school can offer education from kindergarten, elementary grades I-IV, up to gymnasium and high school.

For registration, the school accepts applications in the period February-April of the year preceding the one for which the child’s registration is desired. Tuition fees start at EUR 5,000 and can go up to EUR 8,000 per year.

Benefits of enrolling in Mark Twain International School:

  • Children will have a multicultural education, following an international curricula;
  • Classrooms are equipped with modern educational tools;
  • Extracurricular activities and clubs;
  • Summer courses during July-August;
  • Psychological counseling;
  • Transportation from home to school and vice versa, can be provided optionally.

Location: the school has two divisions, both located in Voluntari-Pipera, on Erou Iancu Nicolae street, but in separate locations. The Primary & Early Childhood Division, which includes kindergarten and primary school, is located at number 25, while the Secondary Division, which includes grades 5 to 12, is located at number 89-93.

Cambridge School

Located on 126C Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, Voluntari, Cambridge School is part of the category of private schools in Bucharest in which children can receive a British-style education.

Cambridge School consists of primary, secondary and high school. The major advantage that the school offers is that students can be accepted throughout a school year, when there are places available.

Tuition fees start at 9,250 EUR/year, up to 12,945 EUR/year. For a full payment, a 6% discount is offered, and for enrolling two or more siblings, a 5% discount is offered, applicable to each younger sibling.

Benefits of enrolling children in Cambridge School:

  • All classes are taught in English, taking into account the British curriculum;
  • For the 12th and 13th grades, classes will be held in order to obtain the IELTS certificate, as well as an international baccalaureate;
  • Children are involved in extracurricular activities (volunteering, football, arts, dance, chess, or other).
Romanian-Finnish High School

The Romanian-Finnish High School falls into the category of those private schools in Bucharest that have implemented one of the best educational systems in the European educational environment – the methods and ideology of Finnish education. It has accreditation for the preschool, primary, gymnasium levels, as well as an operating license for the high school level.

The admission process is a relatively simple one, which takes place throughout the year, requiring initially only the completion of an application, followed by a series of steps, established according to the child’s age.

Regarding the tuition fees, they start from 1600 RON / month for the preschool level, 2200 RON / month for the primary level, 2300 RON / month for the gymnasium level and 2400 RON / month for the high school level. To these are added the registration fee of 100 EUR and 700-800 RON / year for supplies.

Main benefits from enrolling children in the Romanian-Finnish High School:

  • Your children can attend an after school program;
  • The school has a rich offer in extracurricular activities;
  • Children can attend summer school.

Location: the school is on Str. Răsăritului, no. 59, in Sector 6 of Bucharest.

No matter which private schools in Bucharest you choose for your children, it is important that they be enrolled in schools with modern facilities, have a wide range of extracurricular activities, as well as a thorough study of international languages.

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