6 Nature escapes around Bucharest for recharging your batteries

Looking for some wonderful nature escapes around Bucharest that you can experience during weekends? Are you living in Bucharest, and would like to hit a few touristic spots around this city? Then you will want to make the most of your time spent in the Romanian capital by visiting the following wild locations around it.
nature escapes around Bucharest

These are nature escapes around Bucharest to which you will love returning every weekend. They offer you refreshing time out of the city, beautiful landscapes, cool activities, and unforgettable moments.

1. Visit the Comana Natural Park

This location is without a doubt an oasis of relaxation, located at a 30 km distance from Bucharest, right in the middle of a delta filled with specific wildlife. It is recommended to bring a binocular with you in order to be able to see the 141 bird species that live there. Take your time to have a peaceful and relaxing walk along the paths between waters, while admiring the beauty around you. There are various activities you can do in Comana, one of the best nature escapes around Bucharest.

For example, there is an adventure park excellent for adults and children alike. Anyone can test here his climbing skills and his force while having lots of fun. If you want, you can also rent a bike and explore the woods that surround this beautiful national park. Another exciting activity that visitors can go for is a trip with the ferry, trip that will allow them to admire the diverse bio system living in the delta.

2. Have fun at the Edenland Park

Another amazing location near Bucharest where you can spend your free time is Edenland Park. Here, you can relax, have lots of fun, and try some thrilling experiences whether you are traveling with your friends or with your family. The Edenland Park features 11 tree tracks that have a unique safety system in Romania, which means that you should not worry about your safety absolutely at all.

The park premises are excellent with attractive as well as beautiful treehouses. There is also a pretty cool animal farm where visitors can see lamas, camels, deers, alpacas, and more. The activities are various, for children and adults as well. Overall, this is an experience that will offer you unforgettable moments.

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3. The Mogoșoaia Palace – a great destination

The Mogoșoaia Palace is also a wonderful destination, either for relaxation in its lovely park or for a cultural objective. This palace is located north-north-west of Bucharest, at about 15 minutes from the city center by car. Once you enter the park, you will go through a long path that will take you to the church of St. George.

This church has a unique boat shape, with a turret on its left flank. It is a beautiful work of art that will certainly impress you. Out of the St. George church, you are at only a few steps away from the entrance to the inner courtyard called the Tower of the door. The impressive Mogosoaia Palace faces the stunning lake of the park.

The building is composed particularly of orange bricks, and its architecture is very attractive. If not for the historical and cultural side of this place, we recommend you at least visit the Mogoșoaia Palace for the extensive and amazing park. For those who are energetic and want to do some exercise as well, the open spaces from this location are perfect for a walk, for playing badminton, and much more.

4. Go to the Știrbey Domain

The Stirbey Domain is situated in the Buftea center, very close to Bucharest. This domain has been built as a residence for the Stirbey family, but today it is a place where visitors can relax and enjoy delicious meals at the restaurant. Furthermore, the location is perfect for equitation courses and weddings as well.

The Stirbey Domain is quite big, and besides the water tower that has been designed by the famous Romanian architect Anghel Saligny, and the stunning Palace that today houses a restaurant, there is also a special and attractive chapel. If you decide to go to Bucharest, then we highly recommend you to visit this wonderful location.

Visitors will have the opportunity to go for a guided tour of the property or simply relax in the park, or taste some of the most delicious and centuries-old recipes prepared by the chef of the Stirbey Domain’s restaurant.

5. Snagov Natural Park – a great destination for weekends

This location is formed of a stunning lake and forest, and it is a national protected wild area. There are various old trees and waterlilies, and the best thing about this place is that nature is revealing itself without anything artificial. If you are not into nature, then you will certainly find something to do in this place.

Visitors can also admire the Snagov Palace, which is a former royal palace built in the 40s by Prince Nicolae, and later expanded by the Ceausescu family. However, for the most pretentious visitors, the Snagov Club is an oasis of relaxation as well as one of luxury. Located across the lake, the Snagov Club has a 5-star hotel, several restaurants and gardens, a spa center, a pool bar, a game lounge, and a lake pavilion.

6. Valea Doftanei (Doftana Valley)

The next location, which I find very beautiful and picturesque, is Valea Doftanei. In English it can be translated as Doftana Valley, meaning the valley of the river Doftana. As you may have guessed, it comes from the name of the river which flows through this region.

Valea Doftanei is a mountain region, a bit farther from Bucharest then the places presented above. But it can be reached within reasonable time by car. It can take approximately 1.5 hours going there by car, starting from Bucharest.

There is a beautiful lake in this valley, called Lacul Paltinu (Paltinu Lake), which is a natural reservoir for drinking water. However, this doesn’t mean you can drink water directly from the lake. So, please don’t try to do this, as you may end up in hospital.

The lake stretches over a length of 3 km, offering an enchanting view. Both shores of the lake offer favorable conditions for setting up picturesque picnics or campsites. It is also one of the best fishing places in the area, for those who love this sport.

The area has spectacular landscapes, and is the perfect place for having a picnic in nature. So, for those who love picnics, this is the place to go. Although a bit farther from Bucharest than the other places, the spectacular landscapes and the lake make it one of the best nature escapes around Bucharest.

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