If you plan to run a successful Google Ads campaign for your business, you should be aware, if not already, that it requires significant investment of time and effort. Otherwise, you may not get to any successful outcomes and you may also risk losing too much money if you are not available to invest the necessary efforts.

In this article we will explain which are, from our opinion, the efforts one needs to put in continuously adjusting Google Ads campaigns, and the results they should improve in the long term for your business.

Before touching on the details, please bear in mind that any Google Ads campaign really needs constant adjustment if you want it to perform. This is because the settings you make to each of your campaign are critical for its performance, similar to the technical settings you adjust on your car’s engine.

Those settings you do to your engine will determine how that car will function on the long term. With a PPC campaign things are exactly the same; the worst part is that you may end up wasting your budget quicker than you could have ever imagined, without generating any sales.

So, here are 3 types of adjustments you can make to your campaign in the long term that will help you achieve valuable results:


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